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India- Socio- Cultural Variables Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

India- Socio- Cultural Variables - Essay ExampleDuring the death century trance the worlds population grew three fold, India population grew four fold. This increase could have been much to a greater extent than if the political relation of India had not adopted population control measures for the last three decades. Spread over an welkin of around 3.3 million forthrightly kilometers, it is the seventh largest unsophisticated in the world. India is the worlds largest democracy with a population roughly four times that of the United States. Indian government has adopted the British Parliamentary system with important inputs from USA and European governments.Population density is an indication of population concentration. It is defined as the number of persons per square kilometer. Official census figures of government of India indicate that the population density of India in 2001 was 324 persons per square kilometer, which indicates that now 57 more people live in a square ki lometer area in the country than the number that lived a decade ago. In 1901 the density of India was as low as 77 and this steady increased from to reach 324 in 2001. The cause of worry for the Indian government is that this increase is not matched as by the increase in healthy food, diet and other resources. Per capita income in India is approx. INR 12500 i.e. approx. $290. Contrast this with the per capita income of US, which is more than $40000, while US population is less than one fourth of India. Such disturbing figures give rise to discontentedness amongst the masses. If we look towards India as a market, it is indeed a very attractive market. Because, market needs customers - the more the merrier. Of late this market of more than a Billion people has been attracting MNCs in good numbers. If per capita income is less here then cost of production is also less so goods and services are priced accordingly. Indian government is also in the facilitating mode to Investments from abroad. Therefore from the investment point of view Id give it 7 show up of 10.Age Profile and Employment ScenarioThough official poverty figures have been coming down crisply e.g. the figures indicate that poverty ratio came down from 36% in 1993-94 to 26% in 1999-2000, yet a large number of educated youth remain unemployed. The population of India is estimated to be 1.4 billion (1,400 million) by the grade 2025, and youth go away form the majority of the population. With this problem in sight, the tenth five-year plan targets that gainful and high-quality affair will be provided to the majority. Unlike some of its neighbors, education level in India has been quite good. Engineering and anxiety graduates from Indian Institutions have left their mark in many international companies. The Pentium chip of Intel had the brain of an Indian. mass of the H1B visa holders in USA are from India. The recent trend of outsourcing ITES towards Indian subcontinent is the testimony for the education level and technical capability of Indian youth. From an Investment point of view, I feel Indian youth will prove very helpful. Ill give 9 points out of 10. Entrepreneurship cultureHistorically, India is not much known as the nation of venture capitalists. Indians preferred to play safe. But the IT bug seems to have converted them into venture capitalists as well. For example, Hotmail was the brainchild of a 25 year old Indian youth Sabeer Bhatia. He made billions by selling it to

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Greeks and Extra Marital Sex Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Greeks and Extra married Sex - Essay ExampleMany societies believe that intimate pleasures are only realized in a committed relationship, which is governed by love. In spite of customs, awakenual characteristics, age and marital status, a abandoned affiliation usually include a sexual devotion. Such commitments are necessary for preserving the promise of love. Hence, misdemeanour of the promise of love may lead to legal issues, and it is an unethical act. Thesis Although, extramarital sex is regarded as incorruptly and legally wrong it is also discouraged in many societies because it contributes to several(a) consequences such as divorce, punishment and even death. The moral question has been a significant issue since history and immorality break never been accepted in the society basing on legal and religious grounds thus, the thesis is expenditure plausible. This is because people knew to differentiate right from wrong thus, extramarital issues book never been accepted. The spirits and God real the proper way of action and penalty for going against the law. In other words, morality and religious issues become been virtually identical, but atheistic moral issues appeared in the late age of civilization. Aesthetic dogmatic adopt always charged the moral actions of human being. However, sexual behaviors whether adultery, infidelity or other immoral acts have never been illegally nor morally accepted in the society. ... The issue of moral convictions dates back to the historical setting especially the ancient time of Christianity and Judaism. The sexual morality has been influenced by varied religious convictions, and the influence was quite often indirect, restrained or concealed (Carmichael123). Therefore, it is significant to cast the cursory glance of some occidental religion and focus of the biblical teachings about humanity sexual behaviors and moral principles in the society. For instance, the early Greeks had affirmatory stance towards sexua lity, but this has profoundly changed due to western influences. They viewed sex as basic life vigor, and sexual urges were acknowledged as principally good. They also understood that all their gods virtually directed them to enthusiastic and diverse sex lives. The research carried out revealed that sexual conduct is a exceedingly regulated activity, and it has emerged as a complex web of legal regulation of impressionistic (Chamallas 777). The sex decree functions as a value, and it underlies the mass of proper sexual behaviors. The legal regulations concerning sex arise at different occasions, but in history, sex law was identified the concern of bold belief. The strict laws and discouragement of sex basing on strong moral foundations in the Greece society enabled the society to reduce incidences of STIs and other varied consequences. For instance, the empirical study carried out indicated that Greece continues to be the remaining nation among the European countries with the lea st rate of STIs such as Aids. This is because cases of immoral behaviors have been highly discouraged since history up to the present. The inherent philosophical considerations and the rationality are the issue of consideration in the extra-marital sex

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Transport Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

extend - Essay ExampleOn the other hand, the usurpation of industries on the environment has been tell apart in accordance with a series of factors the level of involvement of these industrial activities in everyday action indicates the potential stupor of these activities on the environment. Countries around the world have adopted different policies aiming to reduce the impact of their industrial activities on the environment. The achievement of this target is often difficult being depended on the ability of regimens to severalise the actual causes of the problem and to introduce the measures that are most appropriate in the specific case. Current write up focuses on the presentation and the evaluation of the policies and measures introduced by the Scottish government towards the reduction of the impact of transport on climate compound. Emphasis is given on the factors that impress the performance of these measures. Furthermore, suggestions are made in involve to the add itional policies available to the Scottish government and others aiming to control the impact of transport on climate change.Transport has been an industrial sector closely related with the environment. In fact, it has been proved that the various means of transport affect the environment but this impact can be effectively controlled if appropriate policies are developed in advance. At this point, the level at which environment affects the governmental policies of a particular country is of crucial splendor the examination of the response of governments to the climate change as the relevant policies are presented below has led to the assumption that not all countries align their strategic decisions with the needs of the environment in Scotland, the countrys government have paid significant attention on the potential effects of transport of climate change this trend is reflected in the Climate Change Delivery Plan, a regulatory framework aiming to reduce the impact of transport o f climate change. The

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Consumer Behaviour Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Consumer Behaviour - Assignment ExampleSachdev & Verma (2002) established that consumers atomic number 18 non only influenced by the appearance of a new product. Rather, their decision is highly dependent product promotion. pelter Cosmetics has fathered mens lotion as a start of diversification of its product line. aqua Mist is a light weight body lotion that has a smooth texture, which the connection associates with the desired fragrance among consumers. This aspect is viewed by the management as the justification for the new brand in the market. The guild plans to produce different categories with regards to prices and size. Nessim and Wozniak (2009) suggest that consumers differ in demand preference. It is with this respect that the company decided to develop mens lotion to cater for male consumers equally as past products have continuously catered for feminine needs. The reason as to why the company do the decision is to utilize the existing probability since no other company produces such variety for mens lotion. Consumer preferences differ and hence for the company needs to satisfy a wide range of needs the lotion has to be produced in variable sizes, colors, scents and quantities. This strategy will enable the company to effectively accomplish market segmentation, targeting and position its products, thereby maintaining competitiveness. This sexual climax to marketing has been applied to enhance performance and sustainability (Sachdev & Verma, 2002). Consumer Behavior Blackwell et al (2005) establish three phases of consumer decision qualification process which includes need recognition, information search and alternative evaluation and selection. Need recognition involves the realization that a need exists based on desire to acquire an item or service or may be prompted by a stimulus in the environment such as advertisements which create awareness. The marketers swindle a great role in influencing buying behaviour depending on their con vincing degree. A vendee may not be aware of a product but through marketing, he is made aware that such thing exists and, hence, he/she develops a desire to purchase or he may not be interested in the product based on age, attitude, emotions, and perceptions of the product, culture where taboos prohibit part of certain products (Hoyer & Macinnis, 2009). For a company to successfully introduce a new product in the market, it has to prise fully how the product will be adopted by the consumers. Consumers always demand value for their currency when they making any purchase. Companies always seek to understand consumer behavior with respect to product education (Blackwell et al, 2005). guest preferences change with time and, therefore, continuous assessment of the market is needed. The aim of research is to make sure customers take off satisfaction after consuming the goods, hence, buy more. Buyers behaviour is determined by various factors such as attitudes, personality, motivat ion, gender and the environment in general among others (Folkes, 2006). On the other hand, Blackwell et al (2005) argue that buyers behaviour is prompted by need or problem recognition. They make purchases but not all goods are up to expected standards hence customers are bound to make complaints. According to Hayes (2008), the successful development of a new product is highly dependent on the consumer. Consumers tend to be subjective with the broad of products or services they

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The African and Chinese legal systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The African and Chinese legal clays - Essay ExampleAlthough, laws are burnish specific and effectivity of laws still has to originate between man and the natural law. No amount of supreme laws will prosper if the self controlled order is not put into consideration. Human beings as intelligent as ever could not be presumed to have no culture. As human beings, they have their own behavior of settling conflict amount themselves which are born out of human experience. In both Africa and Chinese laws they have their history to look back. Various events in their history shapes the present Leal legal system under which they operate. They have their historical cultures to look back that points evidence to their existence and them the mien they settle conflicts among themselves. The Western denial or branding on African and Chinese laws could not neutralize the existence of internally developed wisdom of each culture. Each group of people in the earth has its own way of doing things. F or other culture not respect anothers culture would be me missing the very point of existence. Perhaps the law must have something to do as wellspring with geographic locations because how these people behave socially or individually is also a function of geographical location, where they could be found on earth.

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To compare and contrast Ebenezer Howard's ideas of town planning, such Essay

To compare and contrast Ebenezer Howards ideas of town planning, such(prenominal) as The Garden City and that of Archigam, in particular The Waking and Plug In Cities - Essay useTowards this direction, Ebenezer Howard has been considered as the person who put forward a new physical form and structure for urban growth which would reintroduce a balanced and ecological relationship surrounded by the city-of limited size and population-and the countryside-of fitted size to support the city with all necessary goods and material-as well as a balance between the varied functions of the city, again as a result of the strict limitation of its size and population (Frey, 1999, 18). nonpareil of the most known study of Howard has been the Garden City in which Howard states his ideas regarding the town planning and its potential forms in the cities of his era in his case the city under examination had been London.Apart from Howard, many other theorists collapse tried to respond to the incre ased need for innovative proposals regarding the urban planning mostly in thumping cities. In this context, a group of young London architects, created in 1961 a magazine called Archigram which has dominated the architectural avant garde in the 1960s and early 1970s with its playful, pop-inspired visions of a technocratic future (Design Museum, 2007). Archigram was published in 1961 on a large sheet of the cheapest available paper filled with Greenes poems and sketches of architectural projects designed by Cook, Michael roamer Webb and other friends, the magazine voiced their frustration with the intellectual conservatism of the British architectural establishment (Design Museum, 2007). Archigram had a significant influence on the urban design of the specific period (1960s).Today Archigrams proposals are politic considered as unique and innovative plans for the urban design area. However, these plans have remained in the paper and have neer been applied in real terms.Urban desig n has been developed throughout the years in unison with the needs and the potentials of each particular

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The Central Intelligence Agancy (CIA) Assignment

The Central learning Agancy (CIA) - Assignment ExampleThe Central science Agency (CIA) is the leading independent intelligence way of life of US government which is responsible to provide the national security concerns to US government. It was formed under National certificate Act of 1947. The agency controls sensitive nature of work and therefore directly reports the security concerns to the senior policymakers of US government. Senate and chairman of United States decide the appointment for director of Central Intelligence agency, who is responsible for all the operating, budgeting and charitable resource matter of the Agency. The Director of CIA works as a National Human Source Intelligence Manager (HUMINT) (FAS, 2009, 1). The history of intelligence activities in United States started in the period of George Washington but since conception state of war II these activities are properly coordinated and directed by government. For this purpose, a New York lawyer William J. Do novan was appointed as the inaugural coordinator of data. He then became the head of the Office of strategic Services (OSS) in 1942 when US entered in World War II. The responsibilities of OSS were to collect and analyze information. However, it was dissolved after World War II along with other agencies and the functions of OSS were transferred to state and War departments (DNI, 2011, 7). After some time, President Truman (The US President of that time) felt the need of Intelligence organization and decided to create a separate intelligence agency of United State. Truman, under National Security Act 1947, established Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).... These module includes the human resources, protocol, public affairs, legal issues, information management, and mission innovation (FIA, 2009, 1). VISION The Agency has a imaging to secure the world from threats. The vision statement of CIA is One Agency. One Community. An Agency unmatched in its result capabilities, functioning as one team, fully integrated into the Intelligence Community (CIA Website) The statement clearly reveals the proximo direction of CIA. The agency wants to be the unmatched intelligence agency in the world. It wants to create secure and peaceful environment in United States. It wants second to be none. MISSION & GOALS OF CIA We are the nations first line of defense. We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go. We carry out our mission by Collecting information that reveals the plans, intentions and capabilities of our adversaries and provides the basis for decision and action. Producing timely analysis that provides insight, warning and opportunity to the President and decision makers charged with protect and advancing Americas interests. Conducting covert action at the direction of the President to preempt threats or achieve US policy objectives. (CIA Website) The mission of CIA reflects the true picture of intelligence. The agency is number one in providing intelligence services. Its primary purpose is to collect the information which is against the peaceful environment and interest of America. The agency besides analyze the information in order know the hidden threats and then convey it to the US functionary decision makers. Finally the agency implements the action plans according to the direction of decision

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A commitment to science and rationality and their application in Essay

A loyalty to science and rationality and their application in public policy was a defining characteristic of modernism - Essay ExamplePositivism was founded upon the belief that society (civilisation) is progressing ever forward, and that the well-disposed scientist can study society, ply a more accurate understanding of how society works, and ultimately provide a rational means of overcoming existing social problems and ills by using scientific methods. Social scientists were interested in promoting a convinced(p) view of the social order, and in providing positive interventions in social life to make things better. This required opinionated study of existing social problems, and the development of a wide range of techniques and strategies to deal with issues relating to schooling, poverty and family life.Under the gloss of positive reform, a wide variety of experts - medical, doctors, psychiatrists, health workers, teachers, criminal justice officials and social workers - beg an to devise scientific ways to raise children better, to professionalise parenting, to deal with personal troubles and individual deficiencies, to deal with young offenders and generally to take aim wide scale social reform. The development of positivism was related to efforts to adopt natural science methods and concepts in the study of society. Positivism is based on the idea of a scientific understanding of aversion and criminality. It assumes that on that point is a distinction between the normal and the deviant and attempts to study the specific factors that give rise to deviant or criminal conduct. Behaviour is a reflection of certain influences on a person, whether biological, psychological, or social in nature. It is believed that offenders vary individual differences exist between offenders and these in turn can be careful and classified in some way. The focus of analysis therefore is on the nature and characteristics of the offender, rather than on the criminal act. T he positivist approach is directed towards the treatment of offenders. Offending behaviour is analysed in terms of factors or forces beyond the conscious control of the individual. Since each individual offender is different from all others, treatment must(prenominal) be individualised. One strand of scientific research attempted to provide biological explanations for criminal behaviour the other focused on psychological factors associated with criminality. Biological positivism Biological positivism was first popularised done the work of Lombroso. Borrowing heavily from evolutionary theories, Lombroso attempted to distinguish different types of human individuals, and to classify them on the basis of racial and biological difference. In a form of criminal anthropology, the argument here was that a general theory of crime can be developed on the basis of measurable physiologic differences between the criminal and the no criminal. For Lombroso, the criminal was born, not made. The idea of a born criminal reflected the mental picture that crime is the result of something essential to the nature of the individual criminal. The emphasis on biological factors in explanations of crime was reflected in a number of subsequent studies. The study conducted on 355 male inmates of Pentridge

MRSA Infection Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

MRSA Infection - Research Paper ExampleAntibiotics used to treat ordinary S. aureus infections ar rendered useless in case of MRSA. Infection occurring in healthcare settings is called health care-associated MRSA (HA-MRSA) while that occurring in the community, among bouncing individuals, is called community-associated MRSA (CA-MRSA) (mayoclinic.org 1). HA-MRSA infections are generally acquired through invasive procedures or clinical devices such as artificial joints, surgeries, endovenous tubings, and catheters while CA-MRSA generally spreads through skin contact among child care workers, high school wrestlers and pot living in crowded areas (mayoclinic.org 1). MRSA infection occurs in various parts of the body and owing to its antibiotic drug resistance, it is difficult to treat. Mild infections result in boils and sores on the skin. MRSA can besides infect lungs, urinary tract, and bloodstream (webmd.com 1). There has been an alarming spread in the incidence of tough MRSA str ains and because of its antibiotic resistance, MRSA is also called superbug (webmd.com 1). As per CDC, less than 2% of the US population carries MRSA (mayoclinic.org 3). MRSA was discovered in 1961 and research has shown that, like ordinary strains of S. aureus, it is also carried by many healthy people on their bodies, especially their noses (Matheson et al. 299). MRSA infection is common among those with a weaker immune system and while it is commonly a hospital-acquired the infection, its incidence in people who have not been hospitalized has acquire recently significant (webmd.com 1).

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A Concise History of Latin America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

A Concise History of Latin the States - Essay ExampleThe term Latin the States was starting used during the 19th century as a way of reaching a compromise. The Latin America contribution consisted of all the countries that were colonized by the Spanish administrators and authorities the only exception of these large split is Brazil because it was colonized by Portugal. The term came into force when almost all the regions that lie south of northwestern America started using Spanish or Portuguese as their official languages. The settlement of Spanish administrators was preceded by the voyages of Columbus who discovered the juvenile land as part exploration and conquest. His made the Spanish monarch at the time to struggle in an effort to seize its newfound opportunities. By 1500, the Spanish had explored the stainless region that spans the Caribbean shore. After the 14th century, the speed of the Spanish conquest, expansion and consolidation was fast considering the vastness of the region. By the year 1516 all, the islands of the Caribbean were under Spanish administration, therefore, acting as the launchpad for further expansion in the region (Rosenthal 78). Fast-forwarding to the 19th century, Latin American democracies, flourished, economies grew, and republics were established. This paper focuses on the political, social and economic transformations that were characterized in Latin America during the 19th century. The paper seeks to highlight the formation of republics that ended the imperial rule of monarchies across the region (Holloway 89).The early on years of the 19th century witnessed a period of radical transformations on the Spanish dominated dominion of Latin America. Latin America was characterized by monarchies that collapsed as republics started being formed. The regimes that were in power became disregarded or dismembered as colonial Latin America split into numerous parts. This split was followed by revolutions that established new poli tics and political territories.

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Research paper on classical Composer Ludwin Von Beethoven Essay

Research paper on classical Composer Ludwin Von Beethoven - move ExampleThere are different kinds of practice of medicine ranging from jazz, hip hop, rock, etc. Music and euphonyal performances get hitched with different forms in different cultures. For instance in Europe and in North America, the viewable types of music is divided based on high culture and low culture. The high culture type of music is mostly the Western art music like the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, solo etc. (Hermann, 1904)Examination on the declivity of music indicates that the mountment of music stems from the natural sounds such as bird sons and the sounds of the animals. In course of date man began to imitate these sounds thus leading the way for development of music. Therefore one can suppose that the first musical note was mans voice which began to perform an array of sounds. (Bruno, 1956)Further bells are striking instrument from which a musical note is obtained. The earliest instruments in music were the bells. More than 4000 old age ago, the Chinese had an instrument which consisted of 16 flat stones suspended in a frame, and this produced the forth scale of foreign notes when struck by a wooden hammer. (Bruno, 1956)Over the period of time the bell was divided into the easterly and Western direction. In the Orient the bell positive into the pot and bowl form wherein the bowl developed into the gong and the pot developed into the Chinese and Japanese barrel-formed bells. The Western civilization found the bell develop into the cup form wherein it had a clapper which stuck from inside. (Hermann, 1904)According to the Greek myth, Pan invented the first musical instrument, the wards pipe. Later man invented the wind instruments made from horns of animals. As man trained his musical sense, he began to use reeds and thus produced natural tones. Later man discovered the use of strings and invented the simple harp. and so music developed over the centuries. (Bruno, 1956)The R omantic era, 1800-1890 found the development of music with Ludwig Van Beethoven

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Analysis of Globalization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Analysis of Globalization - Essay Example offshoot of all it is necessary to mention that globalization has both positive and negative impacts on contemporary knowledge base, and incisively nowadays it is difficult to find a more fashionable and debatable topic than globalization. Different conferences and symposia, hundreds of sophisticated books and thousands of articles are devoted to it. Scientists and politicians, businessmen and economists, religious leaders and artists argue about it. The subject of lively turn is literally everything - what the globalization is, when it started, how it fits with other processes in public and sparing life, and what its immediate and long-term consequences are. However, the abundance of approaches, opinions and assessments do not guarantee the deep study of this fundamental issue. Globalization is considered to be a difficult doubt that is not difficult only for mass consciousness but for scientific analysis, too. Thus, it is waiting for a consummate(a) study and we are going to begin its discussion from the perspective of economic inequality. Thinking about economic inequality through the prism of globalization it is necessary to mention that the main consequence of this is the global element of labor, migration across the planets capital, human and industrial resources, the standardization of legislation, economic and technological processes, as well as the product of cultures in different countries. It is an objective process that is systemic in its nature and that covers all the aspects of society. Globalization is associated generally with the internationalization of the entire public activity on the Earth (Gumery, 2006). This internationalization means that humanity is a single system of social, cultural, economic, political and other relations, interactions and relationships in the modern era. For example, including all the countries and nationalities, epochal events and changes that happened in the world at the end of the last century we recognize globalizations influence. Humanity now lives in the world community where a single country or a group of countries cannot be amply fenced off from each other. Globalization deeply leaves roots in the history, and, however, it is considered to be the phenomenon of the 20th century. It is obvious that the processes of globalization of world economy observed in recent decades, have conflicting implications for the economic development of legion(predicate) countries. Currently two opposite points of view on globalization as a factor in the balanced development of the world economy co-exist. According to the first position, globalization is a zero-sum game it gives a gain to relatively more developed countries, and it gives losses to less developed (developing) countries.

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Theoretical Model Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Theoretical dumbfound Analysis - Assignment ExampleLydia Eloise hall was born in New York City on phratry 21, 1906 (Currentnursing.com, 2012) she received her basic nursing education in 1927, her Bachelors in Public Health treat in 1937, and her Masters in teaching Natural Sciences in 1942 (Banda, Amadasun, Angoma & Howe, 2009). Lydia Hall established and directed the Loeb Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx from 1963 to 1969 (ANA, 2013). It was at the Loeb Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in the new 1960s that Hall developed her hypothesis, known as Care, Core, and Cure. She postulated that individuals could be conceptualized in three separate domains the carcass (care), the illness (cure), and the person (core) (Nurses.info, 2010). These separate domains, or aspects of the person as a patient were envisioned as overlapping roofys, and that each circle influenced the others. Hall stated that Everyone in the health professions either neglects or takes into context any or all of these, but each profession, to be a profession, must have an exclusive area of expertness with which it practices, creates new practices, new theories, and introduces newcomers to its practice (Parker, p. 117). ... s exclusive to nursing, and while she-goats played a part in the other two circles, they shared those circles with other professions and the patient themselves. The core aspect of the theory focuses on the patient themselves, and the relationship that the professionals who are working with the patient have with the patient themselves. Nurses share this circle with all of the answering professions that have a relationship with the patient it emphasizes the social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs of the patient in relation to family, institution, community, and the world (Nursing Theories, 2013). Essentially, the core aspect helps the patient learn what their role is in the healing process, and flora to provide the patient with enough information to be able to make an informed decision in regards to their situation. The care aspect of the theory focuses on the hands on bodily care of the patient, and is considered by Hall to be exclusive to the nursing practice. It is comprised of the teaching and learning activities, and the patient may explore and share their feelings with the take the nurses goal is to comfort the patient. It is considered to include the motherly aspects of care, which comprises of helping the patient meet their needs, where help is needed. Hands on care for patients produces an environment of comfort and trust and promotes open communication between nurses and patients (Nursing Theories, 2013). The trio and final aspect of the theory is the cure aspect. It consists of the application of medical knowledge. It is based on the pathological and cure sciences. The nurse is the patients advocate with the other disciplines that may be included in this circle. The nurse as sists the patient in their

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Food and Beverage Operations Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Food and Beverage Operations - Assignment ExampleIt may be ready to overhaul when it is delivered or it may need to be cooked and finalised (as it is still cold or frozen) in another kitchen, or a second kitchen.The sous vide is the most recently developed system of preparing nourishment. Raw foods are prepared (such as by browning), then placed in vacuum sealed bags or pouches, and then steam-cooked at superior temperatures that will pasteurize them. The food can then be served to the customers or chilled and stored. Food prepared this musical mode can be stored for up to twenty-one age.The cook-freeze work means a catering system that requires to the full cooking and then rapidly freezing the food. Then it is stored at temperature of -18 degrees or below. The food will be reheated before serving to customers. Care should be taken to prevent the food from being contaminated and to ground sure that the stock is rotated and is fresh.before being served to customers. The shelf life of foods prepared by the cook-chill process is much shorter than foods prepared by the cook-freeze process as the shelf life is only five days (including the day of production, the time it takes to be distributed, and the time it takes for regeneration.a waiter who serves guests at the table using forks and knives. The food is served with a salver on to the plate and then placed in front of customers. This is also known as the Russian service. Family service is similar to that of the American service. The gueridon service is when silver salvers of food is placed on a small cart called a gueridon which has a

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Learning Through Partnership (Education) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Learning Through fusion (Education) - Essay ExampleThese changes brought about by migration in the globalised world has affected and influenced developments and concerns in contemporary education. This is ground on the presupposition that as informs have become the concrete and actual arena with which the presence of people with antithetical cultural backgrounds intersects in the public sphere (Cairney, 1995 Hayes & Chodkiewicz 2006). Moreover, this scenario is confounded by the fact that it is not solo the adults who are the common players in the context of schools as public arena but its the children as well (Cairney, 2000). Thus, students have to cross the values and beliefs of their homes to the values and beliefs of their schools everyday (Hayes & Chodkiewicz (2006). As such, there is a scenery that schools need to consider the learning activities they institute not as separate skills but as accessible practices into which people are enculturated (or apprenticed) as membe rs of specific social groups (Scribner and Cole 1981 as cited in Cairney, 2000166). In property with this, another dimension of contemporary education which is of fundamental importance and impact in education is the parents appointment in the education of their children. Following the Plowden Report of 1967, steps have been continuously undertaken by all stakeholders in childrens education to encourage parents to become more involved in school and support school agendas in a variety of ways (Cairney, 2000164). However, the idea and practise of agnate involvement in their childrens education necessitate innovative changes for it to authentically respond to current trends and demands in the contemporary education of the children.In response to the need for novel approaches to parental involvement in education, this paper aims to understand the concept of parental involvement in education, to know the theories behind parental involvement, to apprehend the

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Psychiatric Disorders, Diseases, and Drugs Essay Example for Free

psychiatric Disorders, Diseases, and Drugs Essaythither atomic number 18 fiver main psychiatric disorders and they be schizophrenia, first, mania, anguish disorders, and Tourette syndrome. Psychiatric disorders are disorders of psychological function sufficiently sever to require treatment Pinel, J. P. J. (2011). The main fact about these psychiatric disorders is that they are difficult to diagnose. They use the DSM-IV-TR to diagnose patients that is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association.The takeset psychiatric disorder is Schizophrenia, this disorder is the splitting of psychic functions Pinel, J. P. J. (2011). This is a disease that breaks down the emotion, thought, and action, which is chaos or madness. Schizophrenia is divided into five different categories and they are disorganized, paranoid, residual, and undifferentiated. Each of these guard their own set of symptoms, that schizophrenia affects a persons behavior, logic, and emotions. in that respect is positive symptoms and negative symptoms of schizophrenia. The positive symptoms are delusions, hallucinations, contrary affect, incoherent speech or thought, and odd behavior. The negative symptoms are affectional flattening, alogia, avolition, and anhedonia. There was a neurodevelopmental possibility of schizophrenia during the 20th-century twain famines a Dutch and a Chinese famine had mother who were diagnosed with schizophrenia and these twain by adults would most likely score it as well.The first antischizophrenic drug was chlorpromazine. This drug helps agitated patients and the asperity of schizophrenic symptoms. Later reserpine was given, which is an active ingredient of the snakeroot plant. This was given to patients with schizophrenia, but was taken off for treatment be guinea pig it get downd a broad incline in blood pressure that could be fatal. Through these two together, the discovery of Parkinsons disease came about. The dopam ine theory of schizophrenia is caused by too much dopamine and, conversely, that antischizophrenic drug exert their effects bydecreasing dopamine levels Pinel, J. P. J. (2011). People who draw from schizophrenia have a decent come in of brain damage.The next integritys are affective disorders, which include clinical depression and mania. Everyone has depression at one time or another and it becomes stressful to you, your personate, and even deal around you. There is anhedonia loss of the capacity to experience pleasure Pinel, J. P. J. (2011). This is people who fall into despair for no apparent tenablenesss, it comely happens. When this happens, it causes them to slowly slip away from bread and butter and their normal daily routines and can be quite mortal(a) to them if they fall too much. If this happens for more than two weeks then they big businessman diagnose them with clinical depression, or major depressive disorder. The second affective disorder is mania, which is almost the total opposite of depression. Mania is characterized by overconfidence, impulsivity, distractibility, and high energy. belief and Mania are also under conception swings category. People who show mild mania might be talkative, energetic, impulsive, positive, and extremely confident.At this point, in a persons mania they can do there day to day activities nicely but when it becomes extreme it can become a huge problem for them and possibly others around them. If there, mania becomes too extreme they will feel like zero can stop them and it can get in the way of the many things that they are achieving in their lives. For people who are depressive they might experience episodes of mania and if they do experience mania they are known to suffer from bipolar affective disorder. The ones who do not suffer from mania are under unipolar affective disorder. Depression is under two categories and these are negative experience (reactive depression) and depression for no apparent r eason (endogenous depression). Four main drugs are treatment for affective disorders and these are monoamine oxidase inhibitors, tricyclic antidepressants, selective monoamine reuptake inhibitors, and mood stabilizers.MAO inhibitors have several side effects and the most dangerous is called the cheese effect. Cheese, wine, and pickles all manipulate what they call tyramine and it causes high blood pressure when mixed with the MAO inhibitors. Tricyclic antidepressants dont cause any major side effects and is safer compare to MAO inhibitors. SSRIs and Prozac dont have many side effects and they help with other psychological disorders other than justdepression. They help with leave out of self-esteem, fear of failure, excessive sensitivity to criticism, and inability to experience pleasure. They even help with the rates of suicides. The last one is mood stabilizers, which are antidepressant drugs, and they act against depression without change magnitude mania, or they act against ma nia without increasing depression (Bourin Prica, 2007).Mood stabilizers are very effective and help with epilepsy. Lithium is what calms a patient in the mood stabilizers, but they cause extreme nausea as well or major sickness. altogether in all the best treatment for depression is lamotigine, and the best for treating mania is lithium and carbamazepine. Monoamine theory of depression holds that depression is associated with underactivity at serotonergic and noradrenergic synapses Pinel, J. P. J. (2011). A nice remedy or alternative for coping with depression and is move to stay motivated and exercise. Light exercises can help keep you calm and get used to your life again and keep you healthy after all the stress you have been put through already from all the stress. This helps because you release feel good brain chemicals, rude immune system chemicals, increase body temperature, gain confidence, takes your mind off worries, and cope in a healthy way (Mayo Clinic, 2013).Anxiety disorders carry on to stress a lot. Anxiety disorders that are severe in patients make it hard to cope with day-after-day activities and they cant function normally. People who have this have feelings of anxiety, which might include fear, worry, and despondency. When they get these pillow slip of symptoms it can lead to rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, nausea, breathing difficulty, sleep disturbances, and high glucocorticoid levels. There is five classes of anxiety disorders and they are generalized anxiety disorders, phobic anxiety disorders, panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and posttraumatic stress disorders. There are three types of treatments for these disorders and they are benzodiazepines, serotonin agonists, and antidepressants.Benzodiazepines, which are Librium and valium, are the usual medicines prescribed for treatment and they help as sleep aids, anti convulsants, and muscle relaxants. The side effects include sedation, ataxia, tremor, nausea, and a secession reaction, which causes rebound anxiety. These drugs are also very addictive and sold illegally if not prescribed to the business people who really need them for short periods.Serotonin agonists buspirone is used a decent amount in the treatment for anxiety disorders. This drug helps with producing anxiolytic, which is anti-anxiety, and it helps by not producing ataxia, muscle relaxation, and sedation. The side effects that it does cause are nausea, headache, and insomnia.Tourette syndrome is the last one to talk about, it is a psychiatric disorder, and its different from the other three already discussed which include schizophrenia, affective disorders, and anxiety. The main symptom of Tourettes is the tics. Tourette syndrome is a disorder in which they call the tics, which is involuntary, repetitive, stereotype movements or vocalizations. This disorder happens in younger people or young adults. Sudden jerks and eye movements are usually the first signs and eventuall y it worsens, as they get older. The common complex motor tics include hitting, spot objects, squatting, and hopping, twirling, and sometimes-lewd gestures. The common verbal tics include inarticulate sounds such as barking, coughing, grunting, uttering obscenities, repeat of anothers words, and the repetition of ones own words.People with this disorder can live normal lives if they have confirmative and understanding people around them. It can get in the way of making friends and even acquire a job if people dont understand their condition. The first of the treatments for this disorder is family, friends, the patient, and teachers be better on the condition. The second part of the treatment is finding out the emotional problems such as anxiety or depression, after this the treatment will be taken for the patient symptoms. One treatment is neuroleptics, which constrict tics by about 70% if the patient can be given the drug. The side effects are weight gain, fatigue, and dry mou th.Comprehensive behavioral intervention for Tics (CBIT) is something that is new and its a behavioral therapy for TS and chronic tic disorders. This includes habit reversal and other strategies, which include education about tics and relaxation techniques. This is a very effective program that starts when the child is young and even adults and they try to find better ways for the kids and adults to fit in, in any type of situation including in school and jobs (Centers for Disease check and Prevention , 2013).ReferencesCenters for Disease Control and Prevention . (2013). Tourette Syndrome (TS). Retrieved from http//www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/tourette/treatments.htmlMayo Clinic. (2013). Depression (major depression). Retrieved from http//www.mayoclinic.com/health/depression-and-exercise/MH00043Pinel, J. P. J. (2011). Biopsychology (8th ed.). Boston, MA Pearson.

Learning Styles Essay Example for Free

Learning Styles Essay* Did your reputation spectrum visibility surprise you? Why or why not? I was and was not surprised on what the results of my genius spectrum were, I have always been aware that Im an organizer. What surprise me is that organizer is my strongest personality I would have thought that adventurer would have been my strongest. But after reading the description of the organizer is, it solely(a) makes sense and I see why it is my strongest personality. Although adventurer is my second strongest personality, I get a comforter to k right away that adventurer was not too away from universe my strongest personality.* How can you alter your study techniques to book utility of your particular abilities and skills as determined by the personality spectrum? Now that I know what my strongest personality is, I plan on keeping it that way and staying organized. I believe that staying organized would help me through with(predicate) my journey in school and in my futur e career, especially in the career field I chose to be in, organization is very important. Also by staying organized I pass on be avoiding all the stress and headaches that I will probably encounter in school and in my future career. By keeping to the results of my personality spectrum, I believe I will be taking full advantage of my abilities.* How can knowing your skills and abilities refer on the personality spectrum help you adapt your study habits? Knowing that my skills and abilities indicate that Im an organizer, I will be able to use that skill and better coif myself to adapt to my study habits. By staying organized and preparing in advance, I will be able to have it off my school schedule and personal schedule more efficiently and in terms I will be avoiding all unwanted stress.* How would you approach collaborative work in the future given what you now understand about your skill and abilities from the personality spectrum? The way I would approach collaborative work i n the future will be, by advising our group to implement a work schedule. By having implemented a work schedule I believe that it will allow us to stay organized. By being prepared and effectively using my organizational abilities and skills will allow us to accomplish our intended conclusion of getting our work completed on time.

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Divorce Bill Essay Example for Free

Divorce Bill EssayDivorce has become a major(ip) issue in our society, and many a nonher(prenominal) an(prenominal) arrives squander been attri moreovered to the incline in disunite rate. Divorce rates cause spiked during the past few decades and no on really knows why, but several theories have been organise in an attempt to explain this recent phenowork forcea. feminist opening, Individualism, and dual income theories will be discussed and analyzed to coiffe if they apply to the recent coat in divorce rates in North America. These theories do non act al peerless, that is, a not one of the above theories bottom be labeled as a definite cause of divorce, but when all three atomic number 18 examined together, a formula for divorce tin corporation be seen. The wage increase in divorce feces not be, and should not be, attributed to a single theory, but rather the rise in divorce rates can be linked to all three, and one can see that these theories act collectively , as opposed to someonely to cause the dramatic spike in divorce rates.In recent years, Feminist theory has become pushed its way through traditional theory to become recognized. This theory directly applies divorce rates, as it taught wo workforce to stand up for their rights, and that they could do anything they wanted. This included activities that were previously occupied by men only. Feminist theory taught women that they did not need to depend on men for emotional support, financial support, or even to give them status in society, rather, feminist theory taught independence. any(prenominal) forms of feminist theory has established that women do not need men to survive a summons to back this up is one from Gloria Steinem, and she says A woman ineluctably a man like a fish needs a bicycle.This backs up the fancy that women do not need men to function, and this can be seen as a cause for a higher divorce rate. Some feminist theories are seen as extreme and Eva Figes displa ys the radical feminist theory when she says, Either one goes on gradually liberating the divorce laws, until marriage stands exposed as a hollow sham in which no one would compliments to engage, or one takes a short cut and abolishes marriage altogether. (Figes, pg. 121, patriarchal attitudes, 1972, Feminism Opposing Viewpoints, 1986) Since womens liberation movement has shown women that they no longer need to rely on men for support, some of them have begun to remove men from their lives.This, in turn can be correlated with the spike in divorce rates since the branch of the feminist movement. The end of the institution of marriage is a necessary condition for the liberation of women. Therefore it is weighty for us to encourage women to leave their husbands -Declaration of Feminism. This idea, again, shows the way that feminist theory has attributed to the divorce rates. This idea is essentially coition women that they must divorce their husbands in bless to liberate women. Th is idea directly tells women to divorce their husbands in order to be liberated, and to aid in the liberation in all women. This is a main reason that Feminist theory has aided in the rise of divorce rates since the start of the feminist movement.A split second theory on the rise of divorce rates is the theory of identity. William J. Goode says that In our cadence people have been reducing their personal investments in the collectivity of the family. (Goode, pg. 9, World Changes in Divorce Patterns, 1993) This statement accurately portrays the idea of individualism as it is saying that people of the past few decades have stopped emphasizing the collectivity of society, and on a smaller scale family, and have begun to focus on personal gain and investment. Individualism is a in the first place North American viewpoint that involves placing emphasis on the individual, rather than focusing on the group. Individualism looks at the I instead of the We, and this can be translated into a cause of the recent divorce rates seen in North America.With individualism, people stop staying together for the kids if a person from an individualistic society feels unhappy, or just simply wants out, they get out. Along with individualism has come a need for personal happiness. Goode believes this may be a reason for the rise in divorce rates and says, One might also signal that the culprit has been the incorrigible romanticism of this population, cherishing the dream of romantic life in marriage, believing in the individuals right to pursue happiness, so that the grubby reality of daily married life seems to many a personal defeat. (Goode, pg. 180-181, World Changes in Divorce Patterns, 1993) This shift from cultural set to individual values has put major pressure and stress on existing ideas about what marriage is about. It is this stress that pinchs to many splits therefore one can presume that individualism correlates with divorce.A third theory about the rise in divorc e rates is a theory brought on by feminist and individualist theory. This is the idea that more families are converting to a dual-income household that is both partners in marriage are working and engage separate careers. Some people believe that some of these careers move away from each other and can pull two partners apart so each individual can pursue his or her career. nearly dual-income families spend less time together than single income families therefor these families have less time to fetch to love each other and more time to grow apart. This theory can also be linked to divorce rates in the sense that if you are focused on making a career work, then it becomes more difficult to provide the focus it takes to make a marriage work. populate are just giving up on marriage because it has become less important to them than frugal status. The need for dual income families has, indeed, shifted mentalities to economics, rather than marriage or love, and this can impact on exis ting marriages. When it became almost necessary for both partners to have careers, a strain was put on marriages, and this strain has aided in the spike of divorce rates. The focus is no longer on traditional male/breadwinner, female/ homemaker roles, and this has been hard to correct to for many people. Some people can not adapt, or could not adapt quickly enough to this change, so the force of separate careers pulled couples apart, often times ending marriages in divorce.A branch of the dual income effect is role conflict. Role conflict exists when there is scarce time to be divided between work and family. Gary L. Cooper and Suzan Lewis say When people feel torn between the needs of their children and the demands of work, the subsequent conflict can be very distressing. (Cooper, Lewis, pg. 78, Managing The New sour Force, 1994) This distress can, and often does lead to separation, or, in some cases, Divorce.Cooper and Lewis go on to say Problems may arise if partners lack the time and energy to provide the practical or emotional support associated with having a homemaker wife. (Cooper, Lewis, pg. 120, Managing The New Work Force, 1994) this is essentially saying that with the incorporation of new family ideas comes a change from traditional roles, that, in turn, may uprise a lack of actions or support that has grown to be the norm in society. This can cause many problems as dual income situations may remove comfort areas of a relationship and, by doing this, a more stressful situation is created, which may eventually lead to divorce.Each of these theories can provide valuable insight on the rise of divorce rates over the past sixty years, but not one can be considered a cause, and one can not be labeled as more important than the other can. Feminist theory brings up a good point in the sense that it discusses the liberation of women and the new ideas and rights of women today. The points listed above are solid arguments to support the fact that divorce rates do correlate with the feminist movement.The same can be said for dual income families. One can see that there is a correlation with the movement from traditional families and an increase in divorce rates. Again, the same can be said for individualism. With society moving from collectivism into individualism, the sense of family solidarity can be lost. This is why all three theories are applicable to the rise of divorce rates, and these rates will continue to rise as societal value changes.You can order a custom essay, term paper, research paper, thesis or dissertation on Divorce topics at our professional custom essay writing redevelopment which provides students with custom papers written by highly qualified academic writers. High quality and no plagiarism guarantee Get professional research paper writing help at an affordable cost.

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Internal Management Essay Example for Free

Internal anxiety Essay1.0 IntroductionI am a second year student of Applied Languages and selective data Technology. I have been assigned an Internal Management Report on the enlisting, selection and induction bringing up methods of a company. I have chosen cycle International Reservations C every last(predicate) Centre in Swords, Co. capital of Ireland as I recently comp permited a work calendar week on work placement there. temporary hookup on work placement there, I learnt ab knocked out(p) how the call centre operates and the selection and nurture performances. In my assignment I will give a report on my findings. 2.0 Recruitment Methods in rhythmThe main part of recruitment in rhythm is done through recruitment agencies. The agency in which hertz use is Richmond Recruitment.The other means of recruitment is by accessing diligences on institutionalize. These present application forms may be postal CVs, emailed CVs or Internet applications. Applications can be ma de directly to oscillation on their website at www.hertz.com or www.hertz.co.uk.From time to time newspapers atomic number 18 in addition used as a way to recruit staff. Internal recruitment, i.e. sits for Team Leaders/Market managers is also popular within Hertz call centre.3.0 Selection Methods3.1 Curriculum VitaesAll CVs which atomic number 18 received by Hertz are screened by the recruitment team and/or Team Leaders. The qualities and competencies in which they look for in a CV are* Customer renovation skills and experience, including an ability to work well with the public and an ability to adopt a client perspective.* Technical skills, including proficiency with computers, systems and keyboarding skills.* Strong verbal communication skills, including good voice quality, diction and articulation.3.2 InterviewsAfter the assist of the selection and elimination of CVs, the unsuccessful applicants are sent a letter within weeks. The agencies are also notified. The accepted candidates are notified with a date and time of interview. There are usually two interviews given. The recruitment team does the first interview although depending on the position and CV. The second is performed by a Team attracter/Manager with a recruitment panel.The same questions are asked of all candidates (so that valid comparisons can be made). The interviewer emphasises the demands of the logical argument e.g. shift hours, weekend work etc. It is wherefore up to the candidate to decide whether they can rouse to the job or not.Education, why Hertz appeals, greatest achievements are just some of the questions which are asked in the interview.If the candidate is good, the interviewer asks about notice period, holidays booked, if a work permit is required and salary expectations. The candidate is then asked if they have any questions, the contract conditions are explained and they are thanked for attending the interview.Notes are draw a bead onn by the interviewer to athlet ic supporter asses candidates more effectively after the interview. They also help to communicate to human resources department and other managers. They clear state the outcome of the interview and an offer/rejection is then made.3.3 The interview assessmentAt the end of a panel interview, each member of the panel compares the attributes of the candidate against the criteria laid conquer in the job description. This event of analysis helps ensure objectivity and enables the reason for selection/non-selection to be identified.After the 2nd interview, references are carried out prior to offer. The recruitment team then offers the position, and a contract is sent to the successful candidate. When the contract is returned, an employee file is set up.4.0 facility4.1 Customer Service TrainingOn the issue and accognitionment of a position offered, Hertz Swords, notifies the employee of the commencement of their position. All new employees essential complete a four to six week intensiv e raising course. (Depending on hours of training per day). This begins from day one. A timetable is issued to each employee to show the programme of Induction training. On the first day photographs are taken for access cards which are needed to place and exit the building and to eat lunch.The new employees are then introduced to trainers and each other. A presentation on the history of Hertz and overview of the company is then given. Health and safety, HR and payroll are explained followed by a tour of the building, customer religious services and fire safety. Coffee breaks and lunch are timetabled in between. cater handbooks are given out which includes many important issues on being an employee at Hertz. It provides the employee on important information such as canteen facilities, computers, discipline procedures, drug policy, security, absence, equal opportunities, bullying sexual harassment and more.During week one of training the employee is given the opportunity to becom e familiar and relaxed within Hertz. Week two of training consists of shadowing calls. This is done by sitting with a Team leader or customer service agent and listening in on their incoming and outbound calls. This is taken place in the grocery store language of the position of the trainee. The purpose of this is to give the employee an insight into what their job initials. The trainees see how the agent enters the information into the computer.In week three and four the trainee is then thought how the system is used which is Escalibre. Country, city and airport codes are learned. There are also codes for the car type. Each car has four codes. Each position in the four-character vehicle code represents a definable characteristic of the vehicle. They are given a list on the imput codes and essential learn them off. The trainee is also trained in sales, i.e. how to sell a car reservation and how to take a call. Here are some guidelines in which they are trained to follow* Try to a djudicate the telephone promptly* Greet the phoner with a clear, cheerful voice* Identify yourself* Listen tight and offer assistance.* Act with speed and courtesy* Offer our customer a satisfactory conclusion to his/her call.* acquire a good image of HertzThey are trained as to how to deal with an angry caller* Firstly, dont take the trouble personally* Stay calm and listen* Be patient.* Avoid interrupting until the caller has let off steam.* Avoid being rude yourself* Use careful questioning to sort out the problem* Offer positive assistance where possible.* If you are unable to deal effectively with the problem, make sure you buy the farm the call on to someone who can.* Never make false promises to get rid of the problem tho training in week four consists of make mock calls i.e. practising with other trainees, reversing roles as the customer service agent and customer. Customers name is always Mr. TestAdditional training is given on the special offers, Hertz 1 club gold ca rd, Le swap magique and other packages. The trainee is thought about the benefits and terms and conditions, which must be explained to the customers.After the four weeks of training the new employee is ready to start their new position. Further on the job training is given during the duration of their new employment.4.2 Prevention of strain/injuryTraining must follow legal compliance. Without training agents are exposed to significantly increased risk of aches, pains, stress and debilitating injury. Information alone is very rarely effective as staff tend to dismiss it.Staff need to understand how to make the most of their workstation (chair, desk and equipment), how to take responsibility for their own comfort and safety and what to do if problems arise.Managers and IT personnel need to be familiar with policy of workplace and equipment and safety to ensure planning and guardianship are correct.5.0 Conclusions/RecommendationsI feel Hertz International Call Centre in Swords has a very up to date and efficient Recruitment, Selection and Training procedure. The interviews are intense by non-discriminatory. The selection procedure is justly as it is essential for the company to choose the right candidate suitable for the position. The internal recruitment is also very successful as it gives the current staff of Hertz to progress within the company.Their training is very skilful and intense. The on-going training within the company is very successful and professional. I feel Hertz benefits from the procedures in which they have in place for the recruitment, selection and training of staff.6.0 BibliographyI would like to thank all the staff working in Hertz. Without them this report would not be possible. I received most of my knowledge and information on the company from them. I would also like to thank my auntie Ann for sitting down to talk to me about her work in Hertz.

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Law describing and evaluating the roles of the courtroom work group Essay Example for Free

Law describing and evaluating the roles of the courtroom work multitude EssayA court room work group is a term referring to professionals that serve in the court on a daily basis. These professionals include a prosecuting officer, the criminal defence attorney and the juridical officer. The courtroom working group seeks to bring justice to all. It experiences that all parties atomic number 18 accorded due fairness and qualified opportunity regard slight of gender, race, age, religious affiliation nor all other factor. They overly see to it that running games ar realised successfully. The concept of court room working group is associated with plea bargaining. The courtroom working group has shown direful explanatory power in overburdened courts dealing with huge case loads. Describing and Evaluating Roles of Courtroom Work root word Professionals that serve in the court, each have a commitment to oversee a successful trial completion. Due to this commitment they must each follow a strict code of ethics and withal they must adhere to the law and its practice. In most cases however, the account of judges and attorneys is limited hence in that respect is a possibility that a personal as well as professional relation that whitethorn stem up.However this must not be prioritised by either of the parties involved and the pursuit of justice must al behaviors persevere the order of the day. The changes I would recommend ar rising of the bar when it comes to pledge measures. The reason why I suggest this is because sometimes violent criminal offenders may take returns of the courtroom environment and cause havoc inside the court. For example in the past thither was a reported case whereby an offender grabbed an officers pistol and started shooting randomly in the courtroom. safety measures should be put in place in order to curb such bizarre scenarios in the future. The role of the prosecutor is to represent the rights of the citizens. This is ass umed to be so because a crime is defined as an act or omission which constitutes an offence punishable by law. Hence, when an offender is presented in court, the charges levelled once morest him read, Republic or State vs defendant. Therefore the role of the prosecutor is to represent the peoples cases against the defendant. With that role comes great debt instrument on him, in that the burden of proof automatically lies with him.Also he has to work hard to ensure that try out is presented legally, and the state procedures are adhered to in a way that dismissal is avoided. Another role of the prosecutor is that he acts as a consultant and advisor to the police departments. He assists them in the course of investigations and also provides insight into the acquisition of evidence and the procedural element of it. A prosecutor usually specifys which case to quest for based on the fact that whether they think they can prove beyond reasonable doubt that a defendant is guilty of an of fense (Herrmann, Joachim, p. 468).They achieve this by firstly studying in a expatiate manner the charges levelled against the defendant. Also he must examine the corresponding evidence presented which includes any testimonials or witnesses and any other material fact that may affect his case. After accomplishing this task he has a to a greater extent insightful view of the case and is best able to make an informed decision. At this juncture he may decide to file the case or drop the charges and recommend lesser sentences for the defendants who agree to allege guilty to a certain crime a process that is referred to as plea bargaining (Heumann, 1977).If the cadence for taking a case was more stringent, many cases would be dismiss due to lack of cover evidence. This is because majority of the cases brought to the court have circumstantial evidence but with great eyewitness testimony. If the criterion was less stringent on the other hand, the court administration would be overburd ened with cases lacking sufficient evidence and support, hence resulting in less attention being accorded to cases that urgently require it.The criminal justice system has been defined as resembling a funnel that is, being wide at the top and being compact at the bottom. This is interpreted to mean that there are more suspects and defendants in the justice system than there are convicted offenders who have successfully passed through the correctional system. The criminal justice system has a number of processes that an offender goes through, beginning with the investigation process and ending with the release of a convicted individual from a correctional facility.As criminals pass through the criminal justice system, quite a number of cases are dismissed due to a variety of reasons one being the lack of sufficient evidence. Discretion is another tack brought about by the criminal justice funnel. Many of the cases in the criminal justice system are investigated, tried or dismissed purely on the basis of personal choices. These choices are made by persons who use discretion to decide on individual cases. Also police officers may decide whether to impart investigations on a case or to just go ahead and make an arrest of the suspect, again based on personal choice.Whereas on the other hand, attorneys and judges also interpret information to decide on the bail applications and plea bargains (Hermann Joachim, p. 468). Unreported cases is also another factor emerging form this system. A number of crimes go unreported for a variety of reasons and this allows the offenders of such crimes go off Scott free and alter with other people in the society. This adds to the ever growing number of cases that do not make their way into the early stages and final stages of the criminal justice system.Case backlog means that the defendants have to wait womb-to-tomb in order to get a verdict on the case. It means t the defendant has to remain as a suspect for a prolonged period . Some of the offenders that are held in custody are there because simply the offenses they committed can not be granted bail and other offenders are there because they have been unable to post bail. This backlog also inhibits the justice process by dowery offenders get away with their crimes. This is especially evident where case requires immediate analysis of evidence (Daly, 2011).

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Programmable Logic Controller Essay Example for Free

Programmable Logic Controller EssayTo respond to these phenomenal changes, we introduce the abet edition of Programmable Controllers Theory and Implementation. This second edition, like the first, provides a comprehensive theoretical, yet practical, look at both aspects of PLCs and their associated devices and systems. However, this version goes one step further with new chapters on advanced PLC topics, such as I/O bus networks, fuzzy logic, the IEC 1131-3 programming standard, process control, and PID algorithms.This new edition also presents revised, with-it information about existing topics, with expanded graphics and new, hands-on examples. Furthermore, the new layout of the bookwith features like two-tone graphics, attain terms lists, well-defined headings and sections, callout icons, and a revised, expanded glossary makes the information presented even easier to understand. This new edition has been a labor-intensive learning experience for all those involved. As with a ny task so large, we could never be in possession of done it alone.Luis Bryan holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree and a master key of Science in Electrical Engineering degree, both from the University of Tennessee. His major areas of expertise are digital systems, electronics, and ready reckoner engineering. During his graduate studies, Luis was involved in several projects with national and international governmental agencies. Luis has extensive experience in the field of programmable controllers. He was involved in international marketing activities, as well as PLC applications development, for a major programmable controller manufacturer.He also worked for a consulting firm, providing market studies and companyspecific consultations about PLCs. Furthermore, Luis has given lectures and seminars in Canada, Mexico, and siemens America about the uses of programmable controllers. He continues to teach seminars to industry and government entities, including the National Aeronautics and Space government activity (NASA). Luis is an active element of several professional organizations, including the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the IEEEs instrument and computer societies.He is a senior particle of the Instrument Society of America, as well as a member of Phi Kappa Phi honor society and Eta Kappa Nu electrical engineering honor society. Luis has coauthored several other books about programmable controllers. E RIC B RYAN Eric Bryan graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree, concentrating in digital contrive and computer architecture. He received a Master of Science in Engineering degree from the tabun Institute of Technology, where he participated in a special computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) program.Erics specialties are industrial automation methods, conciliative manufacturing systems (FMS), and artificial intelligence. He is an advo cate of artificial intelligence implementation and its application in industrial automation. Eric worked for a leading automatic laser inspection systems company, as well as a programmable controller consulting firm. His industrial experience includes designing and implementing large inspection systems, along with developing PLC-based systems. Eric has coauthored other publications about PLCs and is a member of several professional and technical societies.

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Penny Synthesis Essay Example for Free

Penny Synthesis EssayPenny Synthesis Essay To not ban pennies, further merely discourage their use by establishing a system It is because I agree with Mark Lewis of Forbes. com, that I affirm abolishing the cen duration, yet with some restrictions. In 2001 a United States Representative by the name of Jim Kolbe introduced a proposition to eliminate the penny (United States lowest denomi assign of matter coin). To deeply reason as to why an mortal might support this proposition, we must look at three divers(prenominal) points of analysis. First, How zinc manufacturing around the nation may be affected due to this decision, Second, What this means for the people of this country on an scotch standpoint, and Thirdly, What are the benefits of eliminating the penny in terms of time and money. According to Source A, since 1982 penny manufacturing has been produced from 97. 5% zinc material. Mentioned, as opposition to this bill, is Tennessee who is rich in raw zinc. Representa tive Kolbes nous is to make the nickel the countrys lowest denomination coin.Interesting enough Kolbes state of Arizona is rich in copper, which makes up most of the higher denominational coins. Keep in melodic theme zinc manufacturing is not solely dependent upon penny manufacturing. The fact that this issue is being used to knock off this bill is invalid because of this exact reasoning. Moreover, The proposition would gradually eliminate manufacturing instead of suddenly stopping production. This gives time for manufacturing companies to find other means of work besides the penny. It is understood from the proposition that prices would be altered go to the nearest nickels place.The study shows that if a persons time is worth $15 an hour (which we all know its worth less than that, but thats a different story) a person would be losing close to $60 per year. The penny will always be a crucial statement in our nations history yet we must keep our encephalon set on the future. In the words of Bob Dylan, Times are a changing. It is a unwrap economical strategy to gradually eliminate the penny from circular use. From this reasoning I affirm Jim Kolbes proposition to eliminate the penny.

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Show how Hardy responds to the death of his wife Essay Example for Free

Show how braw responds to the finis of his married charwoman Es introduceIn the years after the destroy of his married woman, Emma, in 1912, the main subject of bodaciouss songs was his wife and how he missed her and grieved her death. In his poesys during this period he utilizations a lot of euphemism, so that he never really tells the reader his wife has died. However, the strong sense of trouble and regret he feels get ins by dint of in e legitimate poem.The primary poem portly wrote after the death of Emma was The Going in December 1912. This poem has a highly regular pulsation and create verbally, with the important nomenclature often rhyming at the end of the lines to draw attention to them. The title of the poem is a euphemism for death, and he continues with these throughout the poem, using phrases such as vanishing, close your term here and where I could non follow. This poem is written as if braw is addressing Emma.In the first stanza, portly addr esses and questions his dead wife, and gives a sense of what look onms equivalent anger and irritation towards her, that she gave him no hint that she was going to die. He suggest she was indifferent and didnt c ar near leaving him, and this steers how he is grieving and maybe non reforming straight. He emphases her swift, quick death as she leftfield with wing of swallow but this imagery excessively suggests her peach in his eyes and how oftmagazines he testamenting miss her. Now he regrets he privynot follow her and he bashs he impart not gain one glimpse of her ever anon.The start of the indorsement stanza reiterates how he did not k without delay that Emma was going to die and once more he shows his regret that he could never cutter good-bye. His use of soft sounds indicates his wish that he could give the softest call to say cheerio to her properly, and this is reinforced by his use of head rhyme in the soft, wishful sounds of utter a wish for a cry, while. These soft sounds ar then quickly replaced by the harsh reality of the situation, as brazen-faced marks morning harden upon the wall. The simplicity of the stanza is concentrated on how oft whiles her death has affected him and much(prenominal)(prenominal) precisely how he did not k right off that it would affect him so oft ages. The assonance in the gloomy sounds of un sustaind, unknowing reflects his mood at this pip, and once once more the rhyme draws attention to the important words in the poem unknowing..great going that he did not know how much her death would grieve him.The third stanza, like the first, starts with a question aimed towards Emma. He asks her why she agnises him leave the sign and why he sees visions of her. Again, there is a sense of irritation as if it is her fault for causing him this suffering. uncompromising says that he imagines seeing her again and maybe that he is seeing hallucinations of her as he tells Emma., I infer for a breath it is you I see.He tells us that then he realises it is not her, and becomes bitter and mental disorder once again. The rhyming of darkening darkness.yawning blankness emphasises to the reader the huge emptiness he feels now that his wife is dead, and how her retentivity is already gradually fading away from him, in the corresponding way as the visions he experiences do as he gets closer. The exclamation mark at the end of the stanza makes it seem as if he is yelling in frustration, at how much the experience sickens me.In the fourth stanza, inflexible changes into the past tense, and the poem becomes more cheerful as he remembers the time the two of them spent together. at that place is a large tot of imagery used in this stanza, which sturdy uses to show the beauty of his wife, and the strength of their consanguinity. The red-veined rocks symbolise the passion and heat he felt for Emma. He says she was the swan-necked one, a statement of her beauty and he describes her r iding along the beetle Beeny Crest with him, maybe a sign they were blissful and free to do what they fatalityed to, and how this contrasts to his feelings now. In the stomach line of this stanza, courageous changes his language from me and you to us, which shows how their birth grew stronger and they grew to love each other and be together more in the good times when spirit unrolled us its very best.Again, the fifth stanza starts with a question, but this time the impression is inclined that Hardy is talking to himself, and not addressing Emma. This stanza tells us how later on in their relationship Hardy and Emma did not speak. Hardy shows a huge amount of regret and sadness in this stanza, that he did not talk to her properly and that their relationship got weaker before she died. He then moves lynchpin to happier memories of the distant past, and describes them together in sparkly spring weather a pathetic fallacy whereby the weather shows the mood at that time.In the final exam stanza of this poem Hardy appears to give up all hope and becomes resigned to the situation. He adopts a very conversational tone and uses caesura to show that he is talking, using colloquialisms such as well, well. In the run short lines of the poem Hardy feels as if he allow for sink down soon into despair. These lines be directed at Emma, as he again tells her, but this time in stronger terms, that he did not know how her swift fleeingwould undo me so. He uses pause between the caesuras to increase the blow of each footling statement.In The Haunter, Hardy writes the poem as if it was his dead wife talking to him. He imagines Emma can see him and feel his emotions as a means of consoling himself. However, the main emotions which come out of this poem atomic number 18 Hardys guilt and regret and, although he adopts his wifes portion, it is his emotions which come through strongly in the poem.He appears to be preoccupied by memories, which may be the reason for the title of the poem. Alternatively, it could be that he sees his wife as a ghost haunting him. Each stanza has the like words rhyming at the end of either second line know.go.do.thereto. These argon important as they show Hardys mains hopes or so his wife that she knows everything hes doing and thinking, but the go shows he knows she has gone for ever and there is nothing he can do to go there and be with her.The poem opens with irony as Emma says he does not think I haunt here nightly, when he is piece of writing the poem. This shows Hardy hopes she is there with him, but that he just cant see her but in reality he probably knows she is not rattling there and it is just wishful thinking. This line also starts the theme which continues throughout the stanza that Emma is unendingly there with him. The repetition of hover and hover reinforces this point. Hardy is creating ideas which he hopes his wife would bedevil about him, as a way of comforting himself.Hardys feelings of guilt and regret come through strongly in the second stanza. He did not do many of the things he should when he had the line up and this is shown by the repetition of when I could in the first two lines of this stanza. Emma says how she would like to join his journeys, which shows Hardy feels iniquitous that he didnt let her go with him when he went away, and now blames himself that they didnt spend enough time together. The voice of his wife tells us that he misses me more than he used to do which means he didnt realise how much he needed her when she was alive but now he knows that he did and he misses her even more. Emma is describe as a faithful phantom, which suggests that she was loyal to him, and maybe that he was not as faithful to her. The alliteration is soft to suggest the kindness and beauty of Emma.In stanza three, there is a large amount of imagery, as Emma tells us how she likes to accompany him to places. There is a strong sense of night time in the opening of thi s stanza, as dreamers, shy hares and night rooks are mentioned. Emma tells us she follows Hardy into old aisles, which show Hardy is cool off thinking about the past, which is all to him, because he is reminiscing the happy times when Emma was alive and with him, and he now thinks he will not get that happiness impale. However, although she is his shade suggesting she is like his shadow and always with him she is always wanting the power to call to him. We get the sense that, although Hardy is trying to believe his wife is near him, he is upset and frustrated that he can and will never talk to her.In the final stanza of this poem, Hardy is trying to cheer himself up, as this is what he thinks his wife would want. The reader is told that if Hardy but sigh, Emma goes straight to his side. This shows that when Hardy is upset, he thinks of Emma to try to console himself. Hardy tries to make himself feel better by thinking that Emma would want him to be in gloom no longer. This show he wants to be happier but he cannot so now he has to think Emma wants him to be happier as well.The Voice, also written in December 1912, is a much more eerie and less circleical poem than the first two. However, although there is less rhythm and structure to the poem, it cool off has a strong and continual rhyme. The title of the poem indicates that now Hardy can now hear Emmas voice and the poem is written in the first person, as Hardy reveals his feelings and memories.As The Voice opens, Hardy shows us his rue and sadness as he describes his wife as woman much missed. The sounds alliterate to draw attention to their importance right at the start of the poem, as this will be a continual theme throughout. The words call to me, call to me are repeated at the end of the first line and this give the impression that although she is calling to him, like an echo to show how her voice is fading away from Hardy, along with his memories of her.This repetition also gives the impression that Emma is insistent to reach Hardy and will not give up. Hardy informs us that Emma tells him she is not the same as she was when she changed from the one that was all to Hardy. Hardy believes Emma is state to him that she is not now as she was when Hardy changed and maybe stopped loving her, but she is the same as she was when they were in love. This shows that this is how Hardy remembers Emma, when their day was fair and their life was better than when they started to split apart. In the last line, Hardy changes from using you and me to our to show that now he is thinking of them together and happy.Hardy then looks back to the past and his memories of his wife, and imagines a perfect image of her in his head. He sees the memory very clearly and includes a lot of detail to show this. He can remember her even to the original air-blue gown, which is a engaging and cheerful colour, demonstrate the mood in the memory. It is one specific memory he is thinking about and, as he sees it more clearly, Hardy becomes exited and shows this through the caesura of yes and the exclamation mark at the end of the line, as if he is becoming louder and more energised.The transition between stanzas is a change between Hardys happiness in the past and his grief now. The sounds change from joyous to heavy, as does the mood of the poem. The whole stanza is a question, asking if it is really Emma talking or just the wind that Hardy can hear, although the reader will know that Hardy knows the answer to his own question. The listlessness of the breeze is a pathetic fallacy of Hardys mood, and the words such as listlessness and wet mead are onomatopoeic as they are heavy and sound tired, as if now he knows that his wife is fading away from him. Hardy tells Emma she is being dissolved and dying away from him. This suggests he has realised her voice is not real and just in his judgment and she will be comprehend no more again.The lines in the last stanza of the poem are shorter t han those in other stanzas. This gives the impression that the poem is fading away on the page, as Emma is ebbing away from Hardys memories. This stanza shows Hardy is now resigned to the fact that he is never going to hear her voice again and does not really make sense, maybe showing Hardys tiredness. The pathetic fallacy of leaves around me falling gives an impression of things dying and coming to an end and the unpleasant assonance used in the wind oozing thin through the thorn gives and unpleasant feel to the end of the poem. This stanza shows that Hardy feels he cannot move on because of his memories and the woman calling. This last line completes the eerie sense given in the poem and relates back to the start of the poem, giving the sense that what has giveed in this poem keeps on casualty to Hardy, and there is nothing he can do to stop it.Beeny Cliff has a strong rhythm and strong rhyme, using the same sounds at the end of each line of each stanza. Beeny Cliff was a specia l place for Hardy and Emma that they visited together.O at the start of the poem indicates Hardys happiness and excitement as he reminisces about him and Emma. The first line is full of translation and imagery, and the opal and the sapphire suggest preciousness and beauty a description of the sea in the poem, but a description of his wife in Hardys mind. Hardys description of Emma is almost angelic as she is described as the woman riding high above with bright hair flapping free. The alliteration is an onomatopoeia of the wind and the high wind suggests high spirits between Hardy and Emma. Hardy also states that he loved Emma and she loyally loved him, suggesting that, although they both loved each other, she was more faithful than he was. Hardy knows this and is therefore now regretting that he did not make the most of his time with her when she was alive.In the next stanza Hardy concentrates on how when they were together, nothing or no one could touch them. Hardy tells us that birds were plained below them and seemed far away, to show they were only concentrating on each other and nothing else could appropriate them. The waves are shown to be what could be a big distraction by the onomatopoeic sibilance of engrossed in saying their ceaseless babbling say, but Hardy and Emma were engrossed in each other thereby showing how close they were at this point in time. They laughed light-heartedly aloft which reinforces their high spirits and again suggests their height above everything else happening. Pathetic fallacy is also used to show the mood on that clear-sunned bunt day.This pathetic fallacy continues throughout the third stanza, as Hardy uses it to show that the mood is changing. A half-size sully cloaked them and there was an irised rain, which shows that this trip to Beeny Cliff is like their relationship. These small changes in weather show there are some bad times in the relationship between them, but it is never enough to force them apart and the se blips are just a dull disfeatured stain, the same as the cloud is on the landscape. However, although the sun burst out again, the cloud was an indication to them that foreshadowed worse things to come, as now purples prinked the main.The at the start of the fourth stanza indicates to the reader that Hardy is going from the past into the present. Hardy tells us that old Beeny is fluid in all its chasmal beauty. The use of old shows knownity and Hardy is showing that he is in a familiar place to contrast his unfamiliar emotions. In addition, this line shows that, although a lot has happened to him, the things and landscape around him are still the same as they used to be huge and gaping but still beautiful. Hardy asks himself with a sense of wistfulness if she and I Hardy could not go there again and repeat the sweet things say in that March. He does not use we, which shows he feels they will never be together again and, although he asks the question, he knows he cannot see he r again.The caesura of Nay. at the start of the concluding stanza shows Hardy coming back to reality, and answering his own question. He repeats that Beeny has the same chasmal beauty but this time it is a wild spiritual western shore. This tells us that things around him have stayed the same, but Hardy sees them differently now in a worse light, as this is the effect his wifes death has had on him. Hardy says the woman is nowelsewhere the pauses are showing he doesnt want to say Emma is dead, and he is thinking of a euphemism. She nor knows nor cares for Beeny and has moved on, but Hardy has not and is still stuck in the past. The end of the poem is very final, as if Hardy has eventually made up his mind that she will see it nevermore.In At Castle Boterel, written in March 1913, Hardy again remembers him and his wife together in happier times. Again, a strong sense of rhyme and rhythm appears throughout the poem. more or less of the poem is a euphemism for Hardys thoughts, memori es, feelings and emotions as he is writing.The poem opens in the present as Hardy gives a description of himself whimsical through the drizzle in a wagonette to the junction. This suggests he will have to make a decision as to which path he should take, as he does in life to conclude whether to move on from thinking about Emma. He looks behind at the fading byway a euphemism for him looking at back into the past.His memories show him with a girlish form Emma in a chaise in dry March weather. Although he is looking into the past, he writes in the present tense, to show how involved he is in his own memory and how he wants it to be real and actually happening. The contrast between the wagonette, a heavy, large vehicle, in which he is driving in the present and the chaise, a small, light vehicle, which he was driving in in the past, is a quality to the happiness he felt then, and the gloom that hangs over him now that Emma is dead. The contrasting pathetic fallacies drizzle and d ry March weather further reinforce this point. Hardy describes himself and Emma as we throughout the stanza, which indicates their togetherness.Hardy goes on to tell us that it matters not much what he and Emma talked about on that journey, and he also states it doesnt matter to what it led. This is strange as it surely led to Hardy and Emma falling in love and getting married and he is now saying that this didnt matter. He continues the point by saying what it led to is something life cannot be balked of, so love is an inevitable part of life. He tells us that it cannot be stopped until something happens so that hope is dead, and feeling fled. This is maybe a sign that Hardy is starting to recover from the death of his wife, and has maybe realised he could have done nothing to stop it.Hardy reveals how much he treasured the moments he had with his wife, by telling us that there was never a time of such quality, since or before, in that hills story. He asks this as a question as if he is contend anyone to disagree with his view, as he is right. The fact that Hardy thinks that this moment is the most important ever to happen on the hill, though it has been climbedby thousands more tells the reader that he is now extremely focused on himself and his wife, and cannot think of anything or anyone else but her, showing that the impression he gave in the previous stanza was false.In the next stanza, Hardy states that their passing has been recorded in the colour and cast of the primeval rocks and will now be for always. He feels that although their passing, and therefore their relationship, is only transitory in Earths long order, so only happened for a short time, they have helped to change things happening on the Earth. He thinks these changes will be left behind after he is gone she has gone already. This is a happy moment for Hardy as he thinks about the impact Emma and he had and this is shown through his pause in the middle of the last line, as he reflects on what he is saying.In the penultimate stanza, Hardy comes back into the present and reflects that Times unflinching rigour has taken his wife, and it cannot be stopped, so there is no way of going back once an event has passed. All that is left for him to see is one phantom figure, there is nothing real remaining, only his memories. He feels as if he has left Emma behind and is being forced further and further away from her she is disappearing into the distance.Hardy reverts to the use of I in the final stanza. He looks back and sees the figure shrinking, shrinking. This repetition is like an echo fading away to show that, although he is still having the memories, they are fading away and he will never get them back. He finishes with a great sense of finality that he is now seeing her for the very last time. He says his sand is sinking, this fictional character to an hourglass meaning his time is nearly up, and he believes that he will soon die as well. The ending is very powerful and final, as Hardy states that heshall chase after old loves domainNever again.His use of old suggests a familiarity that he has revisited his memories too often, and now wants to move on. The caesura gives the statement a sense of finality so that it stands out as the main fact to come from this poem, that he now has accepted he cannot go back to Emma, and will not let his memories and grief overcome him.The Phantom Horsewoman is written in the voice of a person observing the behaviour of Hardy, in the first person. There is a very regular and repetitive rhyming pattern throughout every stanza, which suggests that Hardys life has become repetitive, as all he does is think about his wife. Now Hardy himself knows he needs to move on but he shows this through an observer.The whole of the first stanza is a euphemism for Hardys thoughts and feelings and how he, Hardy, describes himself as queer which shows he knows the behaviour he is experiencing is not normal to him. He is described as a man I know to show that it is not Hardy talking, but someone describing his ways. Hardy is represent as being in a care pinched craze, which tells us that the emotions he is feeling have worn him down and are maybe even driving him mad. The next few lines suggest Hardy is looking back but what he sees is unclear. This is shown as he looks at the sands, suggesting time as this is a reference to an hourglass, but there is a seaward haze so his memories are indistinct and vague.The use of moveless workforce in reference to a clock show time stands still when he looks into the past. When he turns to go Hardy pauses showing his regret to leave and regret to move back into the present. The use of rhyme in this stanza draws attention to the connected and important ideas stands, sands and hands show the idea of time in reference to an hourglass and a clock and the impression that it stands still when Hardy looks back to the past craze, haze and gaze are also connected, as they show how Hardy is looking back but is unsure what to make of what he remembers. The stanza ends with the question of what he sees when he gazes so?The second stanza answers the question posed at the end of the first. There is a strong and clear contrast between the haze and indistinctness in the present as shown in stanza I and the clarity and deep description used in stanza II, looking back into Hardys memories of the past. This point is reinforced as we are told what he sees is more clear than today.The description used has a happy and joyous tone because his memories are warm, real and keen. Hardy sets a pleasant scene using a rhythmical tone, as if suggesting the rhythm of the sea. This shows that Hardys memories of the past are happier and he would much rather be backing in the past than in his life now. The sibilance of the sweet soft scene implies the softness of his past life and points to the sound and rhythm of the sea, as does the description of that briny green. The end of t he stanza tells us that he sees in his memories a phantom of his own figuring he is remembering the past but he knows it is not real now, no matter how much he wants it to be.Hardy then tells us that of this vision they might say more because there is more to him than a man looking at the sea. He sees his wife not only there but he sees her everywhere and all the time as shown by day, night. His memories are vivid and bright as if they were drawn rose-bright on the air and they are all consuming to him as if he is almost haunted by them. At the end of the stanza, Hardy pauses, as if to think, before reiterating the same point again that he has to carry this vision, to make this point clear to the reader.At the start of the final stanza, Hardy describes what this vision is. He tells us he sees a girl-ghost-rider, using a compound word to describe exactly what he sees in his visions. The sounds in the alliteration are happy and soft when Hardy describes Emma, and contrast the harsh so unds Hardy uses to describe himself toil-tried. Hardy also tells us that although he withers daily, and is always getting older, time touches her not and she is always the same in his thoughts and memories of her. She still rides gaily in his joyous thought, which shows that his memories of her are when she was happy and free, and that he cannot think of anything else but her. The harsh sounds in the alliteration of shagged and shaly make him back to reality and back to the sea, which is the idea the whole poem revolves around. The last line of the poem shows that Hardys immutable memory of Emma will be a happy one Emma is singing to the swing of the tide, and that the sea will always be in his memories of her, as it was a special place for them.In conclusion, we can see clearly how Hardy attitude and response to the death of Emma changed over time through his poems. At first he is grieving and mourning her, and wishes he could bring her back he thinks it is his fault that she ha s died and regrets that their relationship was not as happy as it had been and he wishes he had had a chance to say goodbye to her. However, he stops being so overcome by guilt and regret and focuses more on his memories of himself and Emma in happier times such as on Beeny Cliff. The main devices Hardy repeatedly uses are writing the poems sometimes not using himself as the first person and euphemism in place of saying what has actually happened, especially when referring to Emmas death.