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Business Entities Essay

As the manager of meridian Fireworks, I need to gather in variantation to help the possessor determine whether or non he should continue to be a sole proprietary or if he should switch to an opposite commerce concern sector entity. I leave behind help him do so by developing each entity and how they relate to his concern situation. I am the manager of pinnacle Fireworks, a pyrotechnics retailer who sells fireworks, puts on ground intro fireworks, and large aerial display fireworks. The company started in the possessors garage two years ago and direct has 15 employees that you manage. The company started as a sole proprietorship, and the proprietor has neer changed the entity. The owner has in habitused me that the company has received inquiries from several large line of merchandisees query if the company could create several fireworks displays on a regular basis.The owner told the inquirers that the company could fill such display orders, and a price per display was agreed upon. It was discussed that most of the cost for a fireworks display is for skilled labor, insurance, and the real(a) service of setting off the fireworks. No other details were discussed. The owner is anticipating that new employees will need to be hired, but he is mad that if the large orders for fireworks displays do non continue, the company will not bring on the funds to make up the new employees. The owner is now considering changing the business entity, but he does not know what entity to form or how to form it.The owner has asked me to do the followingDetermine if the engages with the businesses will be governed by common jurisprudence or the coherent moneymaking(prenominal) label (UCC), and explain why. Analyze whether the owner formed a shoot with the businesses, and apply the basketball team essential elements of an enforceable contract. Explain the potential personal liability to Acme Fireworks if a spectator is injured by a stray fireworkfrom a fire works display. Discuss the different employment types and relationships relevant to agency law, and snap the advantages and disadvantages of each type specific to Acme Fireworks. Explain why Acme Fireworks should not operate as a sole proprietorship. Recommend a new business entity, and provide rationale to support your recommendation. To address the scratch line concern the owners contract should be Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) rather than earthy Law due to the following Contracts law principles in general ar uniformly understood and applied crossways the United States. Contract Law is governed by the common law and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC Contracts vs car park Law Contracts, 2014).Common Law would curb to rejections if any changes were do to the contract (quantities, counter offers, etc.). Its terms include quantity, price, surgical process time, nature of work and identity of offer. Common Law does not take revoking of the option contracts (UCC vs Common Law, 2014). Common Law is primarily used in real estate and the law is do by the decisions of judges in individual cases (Rogers, 2012). In Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) minor changes do not have any impact and the original contract does not hail canceled. The quantity is the main focus of the term in UCC. Offers do by a firm are irrevocable if the deal is made in writing in UCC (UCC vs Common Law, 2014). Uniform Commercial Code is a statutory law for certain types of commercial transactions, including sales of goods, which has been adopted by all 50 states.Many of its rules are similar to Common Law, but it contains important differences (Rogers, 2012). After reviewing both types of contracts I would advise the owner of Acme Fireworks to enter into a Uniform Commercial Code contract rather than a Common Law contract because it is a crack type of contract for commercial needs. The next affaire I am supposed to do is to analyze whether the owner formed a contract with the businesses , and to apply the vanadium essential elements of an enforceable contract. A contract is a legally enforceable agreement.A contract comes into existence from the voluntary accept of two or more individuals to enter into a legally masking agreement. Mutual accord is crucial to the formation of a contract. One party, referred to as the offeror, makes an offer a business proposition- to another the other, known as the offeree, accepts. Provided that the other three requirements are present (consideration, capacity, and legality), a valid contract is formed. (Rogers, 2012) Thefive elements of a contract are as follows1. Offer2. Acceptance3. considerateness4. Legality5. CapacityAccording to the owner of Acme Fireworks, an offer was made and accepted, they discussed price and display orders, labor and insurance, and they were all of sound mind. Whether or not the owner of Acme Fireworks realizes it or not, he has entered into an enforceable contract.The next thing I will get into is t he personal liability aspect. At this secondment in time Acme Fireworks is a sole proprietorship this fashion that if a spectator is injured by a stay firework from a firework display the owner is fully responsible. In other words, his personal assets are not harbored and could be sold to pay for the injuries that occurred. There are several different types of business entities that would better protect the owners assets if something like this would occur. A sole proprietorship is the simplest form under which one can operate a business (The fundamental principle of Sole Propreitorships, 2014). It is not a legal entity and the person that owns the business is personally responsible for its debts.A partnership has at least two partners. In a general partnership, both parties would be equally conceivable for the businesses debts. In a limited partnership one partner would be the liable party and the others would just lose their investments. A Limited Liability association (LLC) is sort of the middle ground. In an LLC the business is responsible for its own debts and the heap that make up the LLC are not. (LLC Basics, 2014) This means that all of the businesses assets can be liquidated, but the owners personal assets cannot.A tummys liability is equal to that of an LLC, but it is commonly very large businesses that are interested in marketing that rule corporations. It is for people who want their business or idea to go public. A corporation is the most common form of business organization, and one which is chartered by a state and given many legal rights as an entity separate from its owners (Investor Words, 2014). A Corporation is the most expensive form of business entity.According to all of the data that I have gathered astir(predicate) this business, I believe, as the manager of Acme Fireworks that it is best to change the business from a sole proprietorship to a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). I think that this is the best way to go becaus e the product that we are selling does have some potential danger and someone could get injured. As of right now if someone was to get injured indeed the owner of Acme Fireworks would be held responsible. If the owner was to switch to an LLC then the business would be liable and the owner would not.ReferencesInvestor Words. (2014, 12 1). Retrieved from What is Corporation http// LLC Basics. (2014, 12 1). Retrieved from Nolo http// Rogers, Suzy. (2012). Essentials of backup Law. San Diego Bridgepoint Education Inc. The Basics of Sole Propreitorships. (2014, 12 1). Retrieved from Entrepreneur http// UCC Contracts vs Common Law Contracts. (2014, 12 1). Retrieved from The Presser Law Firm http// UCC vs Common Law. (2014, 12 1). Retrieved from Differences amidst UCC and Common Law http//www.differencebet

Pepsi History

1. 2- INDUSTRY HISTORY OF PEPSI-COLA INDUSTRY. The Pepsi-Cola story itself begins with a pharmacy in innovative Bern, North Carolina, and a pharmacist named Caleb Bradham. Bradhams aim was to create a fountain drink that was both delicious and healthful in aiding digestion and boosting energy. It would be free of the impurities found in many bottled health tonics, and it would contain none of the stronger narcotics often added to popular fountain drinks. As most pharmacies in 1896, Bradhams drugstore housed soda fountain where the small-town clientele would meet to socialize.Bradhams establishment even have a kind of primitive jukebox, which for a nickel would entertain the he ber with the latest musical selections rendered by violin or piano or both It was at such convivial gatherings that Bradham would offer his latest concoction. everywhere time, one of his recipes became know as Brads Drink. A member of the press declared, It has electric discharge and just enough acidity to make it pleasant. Soon its popularity would exceed the boundaries of New Bern.The cellar of Bradhams drugstore served as the original site of Pepsi-Cola syrup manufacturing. Electing to galvanise his new business on a small, manageable scale, Bradham based his physical process on familiar territory. Ingredients were hauled downstairs to cramped quarters where they were mixed together and then cooked in a large kettle. The syrup was subsequently poured into one-gallon jugs and five-gallon kegs to be shipped to customers. By 1902, the demand from surrounding drugstores increased so dramatically it dawned on Bradham that Pepsi-Cola was something special.On December 24, 1902, he filed incorporation papers with the state of North Carolina in these, he indicated his plans for corporate branches in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York. PepsiCo, Inc. is currently one of the most successful consumer products connection in the world with annual revenues exceeding $30 billion a nd has more than 480,000 employees. PepsiCo, Inc. began as a successor to a company incorporated in 1931, known as Loft Inc. Once known as PepsiCo Cola, the company expanded its business and adopted its current name, PepsiCo, aft(prenominal) a merger with Frito-Lay in 1965.Currently, PepsiCo divisions operate in three major US and international businesses beverages, snack foods, and restaurants. In each of these businesses, PepsiCo believes their success depends upon the case and value of their products by providing a safe, whole some, economically efficient and a healthy environment for their customers and by providing a fair return to their investors bandage maintaining the highest standards of integrity. PepsiCo headquarter PepsiCo world headquarters is located in purchase, New York, approximately 45 minutes from New York City.Edward Durrell stone, one of Americas foremost architects, intentional the seven-building headquarters complex. The building occupies 10 acres of a 14 4-acre complex that includes the Donald m. Kendall shape gardens, a world- acclaimed sculpture entreaty in a garden setting. master such as august Rodin, henrys Laurens, Henry Moore, Alexander Calder, Alberta Giacometti, Renaldo pomander and Claes Oldenburg focus the collection of works on major twentieth century art, and features works. The gardens originally were knowing by the world famous garden planner, Russell page, and have been extended by Francois goffinet1.The grounds are open to the public, and a visitors booth is in surgical operation during the spring and summer. 1990 saw the coming of the multinational Pepsi cola company founded by Cleb Badham in 1890 at north Crolina in USA now it is ked 86th (1998) in the world with the asset of around $25000 million, having its head quarter at Atlanta. Its chief operating officer is roger enrico and Pepsi co. India holding chairman is Mr. Rajiv Baksi. Pepsi co. Indias is at gurgaon. Presently is operating in 196 countries. In In dia it has 34 bottling plant of them 8 are cobo and 26 are fobo of which one in PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd.

Year One Ba-Hons Photography Image Analysis

Photographs ar one of the media or instruments of visual representations. It is an embodiment of visual elements which appear as symbols and are joined together to convey several meanings. According to McLean (1973), they are pictures which have many a(prenominal) characteristics and attributes in common with new(prenominal) types (quoted in Noth 1995 461). They play an important role, along with film, in broadening the visual field for examination and analysis and in molding critical approaches to visual representation (Chaplin 1994 80).This paper aims to present an pattern analysis of Nick Uts Trang Bang (1972). It provide severalize a brief biography of the artist accordingly it go away give way the spuds visual elements and their corresponding meanings. It go out also appoint the underlying symbols behind the image and demonstrate their impact on the society. Furthermore, it endeavors to transport and to show the implication of photographs with regards to visual cu lture and visual literacy. Nick Ut (b. March 29, 1951- ) whose real name is Ut Cong Huynh is a Vietnamese lensman. His photography public life begins when he has been introduced by his mother to the Associated Press office in Saigon he is 14 years old then. The occurrence on the rainy day of the 8th of June, 1972, the epoch when the Americans and S discoverh Vietnamese invaded Cambodia, draws attention with his career when he shoots Kim Phuca nine year old female child caterpillar track and blaring naked in down Route 1 (Ut 2007) the photograph is entitled as Trang Bang.Trang Bang, a gelatin silver print, depicts the June 8, 1972 event when the children and their families strain away and flee the village of Trang Bang down Route 1 their bodies are being burned and seared by napalm (Faas and Fulton n. d. ). The image encompasses quintuplet children that are rill and screaming and behind them are militant troops, walk after the terrified kids. The focus of the picture is the nak ed little girl who is squealing. Figure 1 Children Fleeing an American Napalm Strike, Trang Bang, June 8, 1972 Her str etc.ed arms bestow a railway element in the image which represents balance and symmetry.The eyes of the spectator will usu in totallyy stick on the dead focalize due to the secure and powerful ex put rightion of Kim Phuc, revealing an excruciating pain. Nevertheless, if the focus of the picture will be given to the screaming boy on the foreground whom is say to be Kim Phucs brother Phan Thanh Tam, technically speaking, Ut demonstrates the rule of thirds in his masterpiece due to his manipulation to the placement of the subject which is off the center therefore the eyes of the spectator will definitely turn and fix with the other elements in the whole picture per se.He also displays a shallow depth of field in the photograph because only the subjects of bear on or focus are enhancedthe shrieking and running children, the other elementthe troopsis quite out of focus due to the woolly-headed details of the figures. The b wishing smoke on the stage setting gives a tender contrast in the picture. The said photograph is a historical line that records and synthesizes the incident of June 1972. It analyzes and demonstrates the notion of horror and agony during wars which can be pulled out from the facial expressions of the children especially Phan Thanh Tams.He summarizes and encapsulates the terror, fear and affliction of the hoi polloi during the Vietnam struggle (Pyle 2000). That image can imply a lot of things if it will be based to John Bergers Way of Seeing supposition (1972) it is seeing which establishes our place in the surrounding area we explain that world with words, but words can never undo the fact that we are surrounded by it. The way we see things is affected by what we slam or what we believe (Berger 1972 7-8).With that, it can be hauled that whatever the interpretation or analysis of the spectators with the image, it will still be anchored on what he or she knows regarding the event that has transpired in Vietnam during the year 1972. The photograph is a representation of the human race that it portrays (Noth 1997 46). However, Eco (1984) disagrees because according to him, a photograph can lie (quoted in Noth 1997 461), by which Berger (1984) states that the result of the treatment and manipulation of the reality is that to a definite level, the photographer creates the reality of the photograph (quoted in Noth 461).Nevertheless, in the case of Nick Uts Trang Bang, it cannot be implied that the photographer has altered and manipulated the reality that he has documented during the occurrence in 1972 because the reproduction of the image, which have been placed in newspapers, magazines, etc. , creates a different perspective from the original photo that is taken by Ut. The reproduction delineates a cropped image of the original (Look at figure 1 and 2). Figure 2 Napalm Bomb Attack, VietnamIt sh ows that the original, which has been signed by Ut, encompasses other elements in the picture, for instance, the official member of the press who looks like fixing his camera, the lines on the background which probably signifies the napalm. The manipulated image appears more closely to the spectators and constructs a more cogitate representation of the event. Because of the reproductions, Ut cannot be blamed for the cropped photo because of the intervention of the press with regards to the dissemination of the image to narrate the historical event.It is definitely the press obligation as to how they will broadcast and transmit the information with wide, visual consumers all over the world. According to Gillian Rose in her Visual Methodologies (2001), the novelty and usefulness of photography branch out from its most evident potential it is roughly rendering that particular moment in time (quoted Mirzoeff 1999 67) by which Ut demonstrates in his Trang Bang. In accordance with wha t he said during an interview, the girl was running with her arms out. She was crying, nong qua Nong qua (Too hot Too hot ). She had torn off all her clothes.When I saw she was burned, I dropped my camera beside the road. I knew I had a good picture. I got her into our van and took her and the family to the Cu Chi hospital. (quoted in Pyle 2000). Moreover, his magnum constitution implies that photography makes achievable ways of seeing what is unimaginable then (Mirzoeff 1999 68). It does illustrate that the language and expression of the photograph is to combine naturalism and realism. The artifact then evolves to be reality (quoted Molyneaux 1997 80). Nick Uts Trang Bang may be manipulated or not, it still conveys a scheme of meanings and symbols.The implication of an image is created from an interaction of a myriad of schemes and codes. A photograph is not a realistic illustration of what is real in spite of its appearances. It is a textile that has been produced in an elabor ate manner and approach of production and has been dispensed, circulated and consumed by a set of social relations (Forrester 1996 140). Burgin (1982) has argued then that a photograph presents itself as something that cannot be disagreed with in which he states as an offer you cannot refuse (quoted in Forrester 1996 142).Trang Bang being an object of representation communicates with its spectator about the Vietnam War that happens in mid-1972. Nick Ut, as one of the war photographers, has to deal with the lack of viewing space for his work because he is confined and restricted to what he sees in the lens compared to other artists who can demonstrate an array of symbols and emotionally-driven and bear on scenes however, war photographers are offered with revolutionizing and altering the reality into an allegorical and symbolic masterpieces (Marien 2006 46).

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Literature Introduction Essay

What Is Literature and Why Do We Study It? Literature is root that tells a invoice, dramatizes a situation, expresses emotions, analyzes and advocates ideas Helps us grow somebodyally and intellectually Provides an object base for knowledge and apprehensiveness Shapes our goals and values by clarifying our avow identities, both positively and negatively Literature makes us human. Genres Four genres of belles-lettres Prose fable Myths, parables, romances, novels, short stories Poetry Open stimulate and closed form Relies on imagery, figurative language, sound Drama. Made up of dialogue and primed(p) direction Designed to be performed Nonfiction prose News reports, feature articles, essays, editorials, textbooks, historical and biographical works Guidelines for Reading Literature First indication ascertain what is happening, where, what, who is involved, major characters Make a record of your re dos and responses Describe characterizations, events, techn iques and ideas Second reading Trace developing patterns Write expanded nones some characters, situations, actions Write divide describing your reactions and thoughts Write down questions that arise as you read (in the margins)Writing a Precis Precis = a concise summary = paraphrase retell the highlights so reader will know main sections Only crucial details they must be correct and accurate Must be an original essay, written in your own words Be real to introduce the title and rootage Avoid judgments Use present puree when retelling a story Elements of Fiction Essence of fiction = narration (the telling) Elements of fiction = verisimilitude and donnee Verisimilitude = realism Must be compelling enough that the reader nooky suspend disbelief Donnee = premise Something given by which you can reckon the realism = ground rules. Sources of elements Character, plot, structure, theme, emblemism, style, point of affect, tone, banter piece and Structure Pl ot = reflection of motivation and causation No plot = The king died and thence the queen died. Plot = The king died, and then the queen died of grief. competitiveness = coercive impulse in a connected pattern of causes and effects adversary of two or more people (e. g. , hatred, envy, anger, argument, avoidance, gossip, lies, fighting, etc. ) Dilemma = Conflict within or for one person Conflict is a major element of plot because it arouses curiosity, causes.doubt, creates tension, produces intimacy No tension = no interest Structure of Fiction Structure defines the layout of the work Crisis Complication Climax definition Resolution (denouement) Another structural element used sometimes = Flashback Characters in Fiction Character = verbal representation of a human universe Rounded = lifelike, full, dynamic, reader can predict future behavior because of an understanding of the personality Protagonist = the hero or heroine, main person in the story, person on the quest , etc. Antagonist = the person causing the conflict, in opposition to the protagonist, the obstacle, etc. Flat = no growth, static Stock = case of a group or class (stereotypical) Characters disclosed through Actions Descriptions, both personal and environmental Dramatic statements and thoughts Statements by other characters Statements by the author speaking as storyteller, or perceiver Characters need to have verisimilitude, be probable or plausible Point of View Refers to speaker, narrator, persona or voice created by the author to tell the story Point of view depends on two factors Physical situation of the narrator as an observer Speakers intellectual and emotional position First person = I, we Second person = You (uncommon) Third person = He, she, they (most common) Point of view whitethorn be Dramatic/objective = strictly reporting Omniscient = wise Limited omniscient = some insight Setting Setting = a works natural, manufactured, political, ethnical and temporal environment, including everything that characters know and own (place, time, objects) major(ip) purpose = to establish realism or verisimilitude, and to organize a story Setting helps create atmosphere or mood Setting whitethorn reinforce characters and theme, in order to establish expectations that are the opposite of what occurs = irony. liveliness and Style Tone = methods by which writers and speakers reveal attitudes or feelings Style = ship canal in which writers assemble words to tell the story, to develop an argument, dramatize the play, publish the poem Choice of words in the service of content subjective aspect of style is diction Formal = standard or dandyish words Neutral = everyday standard vocabulary Informal = colloquial, subscript language, slang Tone and Style (contd) Language may be particular proposition = images General = broad classes Concrete = qualities of immediate perception Abstract = broader, less(prenominal) palpable qualities D enotation = word meanings Connotation = word suggestions Verbal irony = contradictory statements One thing said, opposite is meant Irony = satire, parody, sarcasm, double entendre Understatement = does not fully describe the importance of a situation deliberately exaggeration (overstatement) = words far in excess of the situation Symbolism and legend Symbolism and allegory are modes that expand meaning Symbol creates a direct, meaningful equation between A specific object, scene, character, or action brains, values, persons or ways of life Symbols may be Cultural (universal) = know by most literate people (e. g. , white dove, color black) contextual (authorial) = private, created by the author Symbolism and Allegory (contd) Allegory is a symbol = complete and self-sufficient narrative (e. g. , Young Goodman Brown) Fable = stories about animals that possess human traits (e. g. , Aesops Fables) Parable = allegory with moral or religious bent (e.g. , Biblical stories) Myth = story that embodies and codifies religious, philosophical and cultural values of the civilization in which it is composed (e. g. , George Washington chopping down the florid tree) Allusion = the use of other culturally well=known works from the Bible, Greek and Roman mythology, famous art, etc. Idea or Theme Idea = results of general and abstract thinking Literature embodies values along with ideas In literature, ideas relate to meaning, interpretation, explanation and significance Ideas are vital to an understanding and cargo deck of literature. Ideas are not as obvious as character or setting. It is important to consider the meaning of what youve read and then develop an explanatory and comprehensive assertion. Theme can be found in either of these Direct statements by the authorial voice Direct statements by a first-person speaker Dramatic statements by characters Figurative language, characters who stand for ideas The work itself.

Blue Nile Essay

interrogative sentence 1.What are some key featureors in baseb alone field selling? How do wild blue yonder Nile, Zales, and Tiffany compare on those dimensions?All the companies entangled in the ball field market want to oblige a with child(p) share of that market. And, the bigger the share, the society makes bigger revenue. It is actually interesting that all triple companies (even though they are in the same business) have antithetic approaches in taking market share. An important item is that the companies have a different nodeele. The market population is different.The first 2 paragraphs of the case study state a common concern in any industry do you reduce prices in gear up to fight with the competition? research is needed to see and predict the implications of discounts2008 is a good social class to analyze the situation from all aspects (and to see how our triad companies handled the meltdown). As customers tightened their belts and cut back on discretionary spending, high-cost purchases such as rhomb jewelry were often the first to be postponed. Responses are needed. Adjustments are needed.We asshole segregate the industry in devil parts wholesale and retail sales. Moreover, the price, selection and customization of services are other dimensions that differentiate the companies. no-good Nile earnings baseZales mall ground kiosks (teenagers) working-class mall shoppers fancier locations (upscale market) Tiffany high-end products blue-blooded Nile has an advantage due to lower location costs. These funds (that would be hardened for renting space) go off be allocated to additional inventory. This would in turn insinuate that the company would have a high selection. Also, having lower markup percentages lowers the price of the diamonds. Moreover, when grease ones palmsing from Blue Nile (besides having a low-pressure selling approach), you are besides not buying a secernate/ differentiate (in analogy with buying from Tiffa ny).It moldiness also be noted that Tiffany started its business in 1837 Zales in 1924 and, Blue Nile in 1999. This history (and all the aspects that the latter comes with) provides different advantages (competitive, brand, customers, types of customers.)A greater description of the manner in which the three companies are different and differentiate apiece other is provided in the answers to the following questions suspense 2.What do you destine of the fact that Blue Nile carries over 30,000 stones priced at $2,500 or higher while just about 60 % of the products sold from the Tiffany Web site are priced at virtually $200? Which of the two product categories is better suited to the strengths of the online channel?It must(prenominal) be behaven in consideration that Blue Nile is an internet based business. It has not choice but to provide its high priced items on the internet. In comparison, Tiffany also provides a shopping (in store) experience (something that Blue Nile does n ot have).In order to increase its market share, Tiffany provides lower priced items on the internet. It is true that the client does not have the in-shop experience, but he/she is buying a Tiffany item. More cultivation is needed, but it is my assumption that Tiffany is focusing a lot on the in-store experienceWhich of the two product categories is better suited to the strengths of the online channel?It depends.Blue Nile is only on online. Hence, it has no choice but to increase all the aspects/strengths of online purchasing.The Tiffanys online surgical incision is only a small aspect of the companys business. steady if a customer does not want to have (to purchase) the in-store Tiffany experience, he/she even-tempered has the possibility of having a Tiffany item. These type of customers are not the regular ones. Personally, if I do not have the funds purchase as healthy as travel and I would like to buy my lady something special(a), I would do an internet Tiffany purchase. My lady would be happy (affect and grateful)..because it is Tiffany.Question 3.Given that Tiffany stores have thrived with their focus on selling high-end jewelry, what do you think of the failure of Zales with its upscale scheme in 2006?New market, new challenges. iodin important aspect (from the perspective of the customer) is the brand association. Zales already had a name made for itself working-class clientele and teenagers (lower-end reputation). Once the brand is made, it is very hard to change the sensing of it. A lot of energy, period and money need to be allocated in order to change the nature of the brand.Tiffany already had a brand that was associated with high-end jewelry. Tiffany did not need to change its brand (or the perception of it).In order to fix the problem, the transition to promotional retailer (discounting inventory), Zales disjointed a considerable amount. veritable(a) though in the long unknot the fix was beneficial, it was an answer to a problem th at the company should not have. other problem that Zales had was that deliveries were not on time.Question 4.What do you think of Tiffanys decision to open smaller retail outlets, focusing on high-end products, to conk smaller affluent area in the United States?I accept that this move was beneficial for Tiffany. Having a strong brand, a world cognise brand, people know what to expect from the company. If a potential client wanted to have the Tiffany experience, the former was able to have it. It is true that the selection was not the same as in the companys flag store. However, having also the catalog, the smaller retail outlets could very easily have access to the full inventory. What the clients wants, this is what he/she will have.Also, as stated before, the Tiffany experience is essential to Tiffanys business. at that placefore, having more stores (even though the inventory is not full) (potential) clients may be drawn to come in and make a purchase.Question 5.Which of the three companies do you think was best structured to deal with the downturn in 2009?Tiffany.The market sector was appropriate for it (high-end). As the case study states As customers tightened their belts and cut back on discretionary spending, high-cost purchases such as diamond jewelry were often the first to be postponed. However, this is applicable to lower-income customers. The lower the income, the higher the chance that a client would not spend on jewelry.Even though the 2009 downturn affected everyone, the priorities of lower income customers shifted drastically. The higher income customers, (I am qualification the assumption), were not affected as much. Therefore, instead of buying a 10,000$ recoil/bracelet/etc, they could afford a 5,000$ purchase.Moreover, Tiffany had also its own manufacturing facilities. If the rough diamonds (after process) did not meet the desired standards, they were sold to third parties, ensuring additional revenue for the company.Question 6.What advice would you give to each of the three companies regarding their strategy and structure?All three companies were affected by the economic crisis. This is normal. They have to wait for the economic come-back.As stated in the answer of the first question, the three companies have different clientele, different products and different customer experience.Blue NileI was very impressed by how Blue Nile handled the 1.5 million purchase.Having an internet base company, it reduces certain costs. The 30 days money back guarantee is essential in order to gain (and attract) customers. The lower marked-ups also contribute to lower prices for the clients (thus, attracting even more).Blue Nile brand is already established. It should not have any strategy that could submit negatively the name that it made for itself.ZalesDue to its type of customers (lower and middle class), and to the economic problems, Zales has the most to loose. Moreover, its transit strategy was not appropriate (the reas ons were explained earlier). There was a commercial that stated Dont change horses in mid-stream. Even though adaptability to the environment is crucial in todays economic system, not knowing how to adapt, and change just for the sake of change, can be (and in Zales case was) very destructive. The Zales brand was already established. changing the products without hard work to change the brand, the company will loose stage clients are disoriented.TiffanyThe company is well established. The band is strong. People associate with the brand. They take pride saying that they purchase from Tiffanys or have goods from Tiffanys (this is one of the most important aspects). The (majority of the) clientele is more well-off (in comparison with that of the other companies).When buying from Tiffany, a customer does not only buy a good he/she also buys the experience and the brand.Tiffany should also involve higher-end items on their website. However, immense research on this must be done. The company does not want to dilute its brand by providing internet orders. If the brand is not touched by this strategy, then Tiffany should go through with it (by additive increase of item provided on the internet).All three companies should have a catalog, an internet site (that can receive orders), provide from time to time discounts. Yet, for any strategy (whatever it may be), the specific company should do extensive research in order to calculate the different impacts that a (potential) strategy might have on the company.

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Internal External Strategies Essay

Tradeoffs between an internal and foreign maturation scheme goes together in an organization. The internal organization which focuses on the internal growth of the firm look upon the comforts for the internal mass and the facilities are provided internally for the employees. The employees are boosted up and they are encouraged from giving them bonus, over judgment of conviction etc. the internal growth of an organization helps it to groom itself completely scarcely this sets a backward area.The internal growth comprises on the employees moral, the expansion of the organization, to a greater extent opportunities are overwhelmed for the employees and they are trained in such a panache that they become sharp and confident and boast them in an orderly manner. As a result only if the internal growth is focused and the outer has to go through a tough time as the only focus becomes the internal growth and the cost is ignored.The production cost gets high and the demand is affecte d which leads to a decrease in the sale of goods in the market (Clare & Stutely, 1995). On the other hand when the outside(a) growth is focused the budget and the cost are unplowed in view and the people are mainly focused on the output in the market. court cutting is observed and this even leads to the suspension of employees from their job. The cost of the product is kept in view and then decisions are taken to avoid every kind of disturbance in the demand of the product.This creates misconception among the employees and the owners and a huge shot is created among relations. Employees are not focused and not considered for increment. These are the tradeoffs between external and internal growth strategy (Triant, 2006). In worldwide strategy external growth is focused as it is more profitable for them. In international trade only the cost and the demand is focused. Profit is only the reason of the international traders and therefore external trade strategy is the best approach.

Mtv : Target Market and Demographics Essay

1) MTV has twist the icon of cable stations across the country. Their success has been analyzed and report for many years. MTV began as a venue for record companies to show medicine videos to advertise their artists. Today, the channel reaches over 70 million United States households. MTV was the set-back 24-hour, seven-day-a-week commercial channel, because the music videos were seen as advertisements that ranged from artists and record labels to clothing and attitudes. There argon many reasons given for MTVs success throughout its lifetime. What MTV aimed at was to pay back the immature audience. They did this by means of eliminating adults from shows. MTV gives teens a feeling that they are the philia of the universe that they are powerful, and cool. When someone signs up to work for MTV, they are essentially signing up to become 21 years old.This immerses them into these young adults music, style, and reality. MTV as well as uses many techniques like ever-changing styles and introducing new music to keep teen viewers hungering for more. MTVs tactical development of targeting the teen audience has been a positive maneuver and is the dominating force in the rise of the accompanys popularity. Presented here are three major motives that highlight MTVs fame. First, after ratings fell in the 1990s, MTV managed to bring itself back to the top of the ratings by certain marketing ploys.Second, MTV educates and familiarizes todays jejune culture with the changing society. Thirdly, MTV devotes all of its programming to serve the interest of the public demographic. There are many reasons why MTV is aiming to capture the teenage audience. First, todays teenage culture bases their agendas near the mass media. It is very common for teenagers to arrange their plans around certain shows, so they do not miss viewing the modish and the funkiest reality cum fiction shows provided by them.

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Contribute to Children and Young People’s Health and Safety

MU 2. 4 Contribute to fryren and upstart mints health and prophylactic 1. 3- rationalise what riskiness judicial decision is and how this is managed in the work setting. A risk assessment is a health and goodty procedure, which requires a genus Phallus of staff or line manager to send out an examination on what could cause danger and create persecute to anyone at bottom the work purlieu. During my snip at One World nursery, a staff member would carry out a risk assessment every day within their located room also at that place would be someone who w under the weather carry out a risk assessment outside in the garden. . 1- Explain why a safe but challenging environs is important for barbarianren and teenaged community. It is very all-important(a) that children and young soul people are contributed with safe but challenging environment reason to this is so that they enhance their life skills and create a confirmative impact on all aspects of development. For insta nce, having a safe but challenging environment could increase a childs or young somebodys self-esteem and allow them to collect a deeper vista view in life decisions.Finally, it is vital to shed safe environment in order to continue any accidents and so that their parents and guardians, are at peace of mind. 2. 2- Identify the differences between risk and sham. A risk is 50 50 chance, of something to cause an accident or create danger. Whereas, a hazard is something that can actually cause an accident e. g. a spilt water on the ground within a nursery- in a toddler room. 6. 1- compend procedures for infection control in own work setting.Similar word Infection Control in Own Work SettingStaff should report single(a)ised illness and exclude themselves from work if suffering with something infectious (not an excuse to ill in mildew the setting and take time off as in correctly informing the setting could result in the setting falsely informing the parents/ fearfulnessrs and En vironmental Health where necessary. Paper towels are to be utilise when drying and dispensers are to be fitted beyond splash contamination hands if dispenser becomes put down please re fill instead of using a towel. turn back brushes should not normally be used as they can be a reservoir for bacterial multiplication. Staff should wash their hands- earlier they serve food later on smoking if they do before entering premises or during lunch break although this is not permitted on premises. After changing a childs nappy After they apply been to the toilet After outdoor activities e. g. playing in the sandpit Before giving medicinal drug to a child or staff 6. 2- observe personal protective(p) habiliment that is used to prevent spread of infection. Personal protective clothing that is commonly used to prevent spread of infection is gloves which help to prevent skin contamination from their hands, an apron- to avoid any fluids or other substances ambit personal clothing.SCH 21 I ntroduction to communication in health, social care or childrens and young peoples settings. 3. 4-Idenitfy sources of info and countenance or operate to change more effective communication. Sources of education to enable more effective communication could be from The internet The Library Books Workshops service that enable more effective communication Advocacy services talk and language services Interpreting services Translation services 4. 1- Explain the term confidentiality. The term confidentiality, means to keep something a secret e. . to not share information with unnecessary people regarding a child within a setting. 4. 3- Describe situations where information normally considered to be confidential big businessman need to be passed on. Sometimes information which may be seen as confidential may have to passed on, due to variant reasons. For instance, if a child within a nursery setting decides to confide in the keyworker that, they have been abused at home by their par ents. The keyworker must(prenominal) take this subject area serious and pass this vital information on to the manager, in-order to precede investigation.Another event could be that a child within a secondary train may be finding it difficult to understand the work, due to learnedness difficulties therefore they may tell their teacher about this matter in private, however in order to attend this childs call for and allow them to develop, they must inform other(prenominal) member of staff to provide additional support for this particular child. 4. 4- Explain how and when to seek advice about confidentiality. ship canal on how and when to seek advice about confidentiality, going to your line manger prototypic or even going to Human Resources department e. . if a child or young person has confided in you that they are being sexually harassed but they dont want anyone to know. TDA 2. 9- Support children and young peoples positive behaviour. 1. 2-Describe with examples the importa nce of all staff systematically and fair applying boundaries and rules for children and young peoples behaviour in consistency with policies and procedures of setting. It very important for of all staff consistently and fairly applying boundaries and rules for children and young peoples behaviour in accordance with policies and procedures of setting.Reason being is so that, children and young people are able to follow and listen to a good set of rules. For example, if one staff member did not fairly apply the rule towards the children and perhaps young people, this could then create discombobulation upon the children and young people. Another example could be if a staff member was not consistent with the set rules e. g. no raceway in the twist this could be a risk causing the children or young peoples life to be at risk, in-case they fall while running and severely injure themselves. CCLD MU 2. -Contribute to the support of child and young person development. 1. 2-Idenitfy d istinct observation methods and know why they are used. There are various of observations methods, which practitioners tend to use Narrative reports- consist of simply watching an individual child or group of children and writing down in note-form what has been seen. This form of child observation typically lasts for a short period of time and requires the observer to try to remain as unnoticed as manageable as any interaction with those being observed is likely to have an impact upon the childs behaviour.Time sampling-is a efficacious way on how to gather information based on a child or young person over a long period of time. Event sampling- is a useful way to notice if a child or young person has a behaviour problem that needs help or referral to another professional. Charts and Pictograms- show how many an(prenominal) children have reached particular milestones, but give undersized information about individual development e. g. through graphs, bar charts, pie charts, histogr ams. 3. 1- Describe the different transitions children and young people may experience. There are many different types of transitions children and young people go through.For instance, a baby ablactate onto solid foods, a child starting nursery for the very commencement time this big transition and requires their located keyworker to work closely by them. Another transition- a child moving on to secondary school, this is another big step as they are moving on to high education, which they may find difficult. MU 2. 9- Understand partnership working in services for children and young people. 2. 4- Describe why it is important to record information lighten, accurately, decipherably and concisely meeting legal requirements.First of all, it is important to record information clearly so that other staff members can read and understand what you have written down e. g. when staff members are writing down information based on their key child, they should make sure that is it always cle ar and accurate, in case if they are absent it will be light(a) for fellow staff members to read the information regarding the child. If it is a legal document, practitioners must insist that they follow the legal requirements, in order to process the document.

Marketing Philosophy Essay

Efforts of reviewing and exemplificationling commercialize elements, concepts and philosophical attitudes were numerous and effective. But with tenderfangled ch altoge on that pointnges causing hurdles in making trade function more effective on macro- and micro- level of the economy, a revision of trade ism is al vogues at place. Elements of food market placeplace ismDibb and Simkin (2004) Lancaster and Reynolds (2005) Blythe (2005) Drummond and Ensor (2005) Morgan (1996) 1. takings taste 2. fiscal taste 3. Sales taste 4. merchandise taste 5. Customer orientation 6. Competitor orientation 7. Inter handlingable Coordination 1. turnout orientation 2. Sales orientation 3. merchandise Orientation 1. Production orientation 2. Product orientation 3. Sales orientation 4. Customer orientation 5. Societal selling 6. Relationship trade 1. Production orientation 2. Product orientation 3. Sales orientation 4. Financial orientation 5. selling Orientation 1. Cost doct rine 2. Product philosophy 3. Production philosophy 4. Sales philosophy 5. Erratic philosophy 6. market philosophy 7. Social selling philosophyAs indicated in Table 1, roots hunt to use discordant names for the elements of market philosophy a) orientation (Dibb and Simkin, 2004 Lancaster and Reynolds, 2005 Blythe, 2005 Drummond and Ensor, 2005) b) philosophy (Morgan, 1996)c) concept (Kotler and Armstrong, 2008).Even the Lithuanian authors, who wrote the prototypical university book on market, professors Pranulis, Pajuodis, Virvilaite and Urbonavicius (1999, 2000 and 2008) get hold of used the Lithuanian counterpart word orientation. Following this patient of t determinati peerlessncy of the term orientation usage, here, in this article, the choice of the orientation term ordain be applied. The ren featureed American professors Kotler and Armstrong (2008, pp.9-12) indicated that their choice of merchandising focal point orientations were as follows* the merchandiseion concept,* the mathematical product concept,* the selling concept,* the market concept.* the societal market concept.A similar discernment was expressed by a crowd of Lithuanian marketing professors, where they classified marketing orientations as follows (Pranulis et al., 1999, 2000) a) production orientation, b) product orientation, c) selling orientation, d) marketing orientation e) well-disposedethical marketing orientation. Because of the difficulty of incorporating all the sundry(a) facets of marketing into a single definition, Lancaster and Reynolds (2005) distinguished features of the subject in the pursuit statements (Lancaster and Reynolds, 2005, p.16) merchandising is dynamic and op successiontional, requiring action as hygienic as planning. marketing requires an improved form of moving in organisation, although this on its own is not enough. merchandise is an important functional bea of management, often based in a single physical location. More importantl y, it is an overall agate line philosophy that should be adopted by everybody in the entire organisation. The marketing concept states that the identification, happiness and retention of guests is the key to computeable-term survival and prosperity. merchandise involves planning and control. The rule of marketing states that all business decisions should be made with primary friendliness of customer requirements. merchandise contractes attention from production towards the needs and wants of the market place. Marketing is refer with obtaining pass judgment from the market by religious whirl items of value to the market. It does this by producing goods and run that satisfy the genuine needs and wants of specifically defined train markets. The distinguishing feature of a marketing orientated organisation is the way in which it strives to let customer satisfaction as a way of achieving its own business objectives. The author of the article proposes the following companionship on the categorization of marketing orientations, which constitute the marketing philosophy essence1) the production orientation,2) the product orientation,3) the financial orientation,4) the selling orientation,5) the marketing orientation,6) the market orientation (which extends to subjective and foreign orientations),7) the social-ethical marketing orientation,8) the holistic marketing orientation (which extends to internal marketing orientation, interconnected marketing orientation, social marketing orientation race marketing orientation). The holistic marketing concept was proposed by Kotler and Keller (2007) that it was not menti nonp beild or wider discussed in the text editionbook of Principles of Marketing (Kotler and Armstrong, 2008), but introduced in their co-operative book on Marketing Management (2007). For this reason, it is viable to include this new orientation in the proposed model (Figure 3), as it integrated at least four opposite sub-orien tations a) internal marketing orientation, b) integrated marketing orientation, c) social marketing orientation and d) relationship marketing orientation.Internal marketing orientation will be nowadays dealing with a Marketing Department within an organisation. It will flat subordinate to the senior management level and other organisational department, emphasising the organisational culture and micro-climate, qualified for effective work and success factors in marketing performance. Integrated marketing orientation would focus towards integrated marketing communication theory, the cost-effective selection of marketing channels and integrated ontogenesis of products and services within the scope, crave and challenges of the national and international markets.Social marketing orientation would be focusing on the concept of societal marketing proposed by Kotler and Armstrong (2008), where the basic societal marketing triangle is based on the healthful-being of the comm totaly, i ncorporating the corporate social responsibility of companies and non-profit organisations, legal issues and environmental protection issues, which altogether streamline the sustainable schooling of the economy and consumption patterns. Relationship marketing orientation would be concerned with fostering the customer go with relationship with consumers, offering value added products and services.This orientation will in addition foster the partnership- henchman friendship (B2B) relationship, seeking trust and reliability in partner selection process and its maintenance for coming years. Therefore, marketing channels should be effectively developed to reduce be and enhance profitability ratios for all three market participants a) producers, b) distributors and sellers, c) consumers. The market orientation is proposed to be grouped as internal and external orientations. Though Narver and Slater (1990) proposed a model that determine the comp unrivalednts of market orientation a s Customer orientation, which checks customers perceptions and understanding by customers creating value, offering cost-effective solutions to satisfy their needs. Competitor orientation emphasises one of the marketings functions, i.e., to seek belligerent advantage in the market. Competitor analysis, performed in mixed techniques (e.g. PESTED analysis, Porters forces analysis, Boston matrix analysis, etc.), gives a compevery similarlyls to objectively evaluate competitors capabilities and results on the market. Organizational culture if analysed on an individual rear end could be either included into market orientation factor or in the holistic marketing orientation, depending how integrative the marketing philosophy is on an organisational level.Organisational culture should support customer service and customer relationship development by means ofemployee performance prism. Interfunctional coordination should focus on the interaction between internal functional areas of t he organization which best serve customer need and satisfaction, which in other cases would correspond to the relationship marketing orientation (Kotler and Keller, 2007). Long-term focus would incorporate the pass onation of how the higher up can be sustained, and financially viable, over the long term.In this radical the proposition by Drummond et al (2000) is closer to the authors perception of market orientation, therefore the constituent parts of the market orientation are considered to be the balance betweena) External market orientation customers, competitors and other external officeholders. b) Internal market orientation employees and other internal s crawfish outholders.Marketing OrientationThe term marketing is used extensively in late life. If you stop someone in the street and demand them what it means, they will probably use words like advertising, market research and a modern word for selling. In fact, marketing is a stria more than tho selling, advertising and research, although all of these functions are important thoughts of marketing.The Chartered Lrstitute of Marketing in the UK defines marketing as follows Marketing is the management process which identifies, foretells, and supplies customer requirements efficiently and profitably. So what is marketing orientation? In the next sections we shall explore this. First we will consider what it means for an organisation to adopt a marketing-based business philosophy. We shall then consider the evolution of the marketing concept and look at how marketing orientation has influenced organizational structures in business.An Overview of a Marketing-based Business PhilosophyThe points below exposit marketing and its role in a marketing based business philosophy. We shall then go on to consider a marketing-based philosophy in more detail. * Marketing is a management process, and the support of management for the marketing concept is a key element in its success. Today, a society has to be marketing orientated if it is to be successful. * Marketing is involved with identifying customer requirements usually with market research. * We have to consider current needs and anticipate the requirements of the customer in the future day. This requires planning a very important aspect of the marketing process. The satisfaction of the needs will require the supplier to provide benefits the right market offering at the right place at the right time.* Truly market-driven companies adopt strategic level marketing, where marketing has a key role in defining the long-term objectives and mission of the confederation. In this way, a strategic framework is established whereby the customer is situated at the centre of the organisations activities. * Marketing is not that for profit-making companies. Marketing is for any organisation that has customers, and that includes charities and government bodies.Very umpteen selling jobs in fact are in non-profit-making organisations, alth ough very often the quite a little who have those jobs would not think of themselves as sales hatful Marketing is a business philosophy, the process responsible for anticipating, identifying and satisfying customer current and future needs. The marketing philosophy developed out of the need by producer manufacturers, whose focus was on efficient production, to compete more effectively in their markets.They sour their attention away from mass production at lowest unit cost to try to anticipate the specific needs of customers and produce products/services whose benefits would satisfy those needs. Marketing is sometimes referred to as a pull schema. The principle is that we understand customer needs and produce products or services, which go out those needs through specific benefits. Customers will want to purchase products or services, which they perceive as meeting their needs and wants.Literature review on marketing challenges in the new millennium The precondition, which foster ed to review the challenges for the marketing in the new millennium, was the statements in various forms and shapes, which appeared during the past decade in text books, social networks, media and social forums. The selection of disturbing statements were selected and presented here for the discussion. The biased perception of marketing functions and orientations at the dawn of the new millennium is not compelling. tralatitious (conventional) marketing is visualised as a knackered function, notwithstanding the critics of modern marketing practice.The critics bring up the issues of lost customers, mass marketing and viral marketing. Therefore, a more fundamental change for marketing is at stake towards a more personal touch in the field, as well emphasize by Spellings (2009). Boynett and Boynett (2003) in their book on The Guru Guide to Marketing A Concise Guide to the Best Ideas from Todays realise Marketers have also identified a figure of speech of citations, which dubiousn ess the future of marketing and its conventional functionality. It is apparent that marketing is becoming a multi-disciplinary theory, which needfully incorporates postmodern aspects of the markets and consumption patterns and consumer behaviour. Selected statements on the death of traditional marketing in the new millennium Authors/sources StatementsBoyett and Boyett (2003, p.1) Death-of-marketing gurus rationalize their hyperbole by explaining that marketing is in the throes of fundamental change. World of DTC Marketing (2008) Conventional marketing is dead Bishop (2009) Marketing is dead long live marketing Attracting consumers in the post-mass marketing era Big Marketing Ideas (2009) The reason we say viral marketing is dead is not because content no longer sp contracts in the identical way quite the contrary. But the idea that you could create a flash support or a funny video and expect it to get a million hits and downloads within a week is now patently nave. Wymore (2009) Forget direct mail, television advertising, and other mass media marketing. They just weart work anymore. Traditional marketing is dead. In other words, these marketing chestnuts simply dont stand out in nowadayss noisy media market. Spellings (2009) Mass Marketing is Dead. Make Way For in the flesh(predicate) Marketing The days of mass marketing are coming to an end as we enter a new era of personal marketing. in-person marketing will require more work, more preparation, and smarter implementation, but the rewards will be vastly better than the mass marketing approach.Selected marketing challenges in the new millenniumSutton and Klein (2003) Blythe (2005) Kashani (2005) Brown (2008) Kotler and Armstrong (2008) Bishop (2009) Increasing market complexity Accelerating demand for pep pill to market Growing need to capture marketing knowledge Increasing availability of innovative marketing technologies Escalating demand for marketing skill and effectiveness Relationship mar keting development Service quality sweetener Internet marketing development Marketing ethics Marketing schema revisited Commoditisation (change in technologies, more informed customer, more intense competition) Consolidation(mergers & acquisitions) Power work put forward Margin erosion Value focus Postmodern challenges Hyperreality Fragmentation reversed production and consumption Decentred subjects Juxtaposition of opposites The new digital age speedy globalization The call for more ethics and social responsibility outgrowth of non-profit marketing Aggressive innovations Building a strong value proposition Engagement and connection to the customer Delivering customer experiences at or above expectationsIt could be generalised that marketing in the 21st century presents many new postmodern challenges (see Table 3) shrinking markets, which in effect implies fragmentation and decentralised subjects (Brown, 2008), followed by increasing market complexity (Sut ton and Klein, 2003) and market globalisation (Kotler and Armstrong, 2008) green issues (Blythe, 2005), more marketing ethics (Blythe, 2005 Kotler and Armstrong, 2008) and social responsibility (Kotler and Armstrong, 2008) marketing strategy revisited (Blythe, 2005) through accelerating the demand for marketing efficiency and effectiveness (Sutton and Klein, 2003) and speed to market (Sutton and Klein, 2003), and aggressive innovations (Bishop, 2009) advancements in technologies in the digital age (Kotler and Armstrong, 2008), including Internet, commoditisation (Kashani, 2005), communications (Bishop, 2009), internet marketing development (Blythe, 2005), increasing availability of innovative marketing technologies (Sutton and Klein, 2003) engagement and connection to the customer (Bishop, 2009), through service quality enhancement (Blythe, 2005), delivering customer experiences at or above expectations (Bishop, 2009), rapidly changing parkplace attitudes towards consumption (Sutton and Klein, 2003) building a strong value proposition (Bishop, 2009) through growing need to capture marketing knowledge (Sutton and Klein, 2003), power shift (Kashani, 2005) and reversed production and consumption (Brown, 2008).Therefore, marketers are facing the re-evaluation of marketing strategy, applying new tools and sophisticated techniques in the new millennium, where changes are of a constant nature. Ultimately, the firms who take the greatest care of their customers interests are the ones nigh likely to maintain their competitive edge in a cut-throat world (Blythe, 2005 p.332). The case of chocolate bonce nix applying marketing orientations and marketing challenges in the new millennium. In practice, each company selects business and marketing philosophy which suits it best. The decision depends on the companys type, size, products and services it produces, distributes and sells and etc. In order to apply marketing orientations and marketing challenges to a pr actical situation, two companies in coffee bean bars vault of heaven a) an international company STARBUCKS (the USA) andb) a national company COFFEE inn (Lithuania).Their briefs and marketing philosophies will be discussed bellow.The case of Starbucks (the USA)Probably one of the to the highest degree famous brands in the coupled States and now in the whole world, reflecting the specific lifestyle of the few generations, is definitely Starbucks. Starbucks is the largest coffee-house company in the world, offering a wide range of various coffees, hot and cold coffee and non-coffee bedevils, sandwiches and sweet snacks. Founded in 1979, only as a coffee bean retailer Starbucks became a coffee-house selling coffee drinks as well as beans, when its present headmaster Howard Schultz came in and bought the company from its former owners in 1987. Since then, an droll quick expansion in the Unites States, and from 1996 in the whole world, has begun. Now, Starbucks owns approximately 16 000 stores in the world and announces about opening 900 new stores outside united States in 2009 (on the other hand, Starbucks is closing the same amount of stores in the United States) ( is obvious, that such a big success would be impossible without well selected and formulated marketing philosophy. As one of the most innovative companies in the world Starbucks has elect social-ethical marketing orientation and declares care for the environment and common wealth as well as for people. The main idea of their philosophy is defined in the Starbucks mission statement. Starbucks has two mission statements which are placed in the official companys website To inspire and nurture human being spirit one person, one cup, and one neighbourhood at a time and Starbucks is committed to a role of environmental leadership in all facets of our business ( Social-ethical marketing orientation is getting a chic buzz word, as environmental and ecological problems are on the increase. nearly years ago Starbucks was criticised for wasting resources by using paper and moldable cups, for wasting water and yet funding Israel army (Vitkus, 2009). Now this company is shown as the best example of environmental friendly business in the business schools around the world. Starbucks announces its corporate social responsibility Annual reports for the creation here the company describes their attention to the employees, customers and the environment, manifesting marketing orientation, marketorientation and holistic marketing orientation. They started to use cups from recycled paper or biodegradable plastic. Social responsibility is also emphasised in their coffee-bars design, posters and various promotional campaigns (the integrated marketing sub-orientation in the holistic marketing orientation).According to Pranulis et al (2008), the main idea of marketing orientation is to create the circle of leal clients rather than one-time buyers. St arbucks could be called a jockstrap in this field too. The chairman of Starbucks Howard Schultz explains, that a person gets more than just coffee when he/she visits Starbucks he gets great people, first-rate music and a comfortable and upbeat meeting place ( Thats why people all around the world are willing to pay for coffee more than in other coffee-bars they buy and experience, not a drink (the selling orientation). According to Howard Schultz, Starbucks build personal relationships with each of their customers (this implies the relationship marketing sub-orientation in the holistic marketing orientation).Even the waiters at Starbucks are called baristas to cultivate them bump exceptional and proud about their workplace, not to feel just simple service workers (internal marketing sub-orientation in the holistic marketing orientation). another(prenominal) core element of marketing concept (Pranulis et al., 2008, Kotler and Keller, 2007) is to appeal to cust omers needs. Starbucks does everything to achieve its costumers satisfaction. They were the first who offered chuck up the sponge internet at their coffee-bars and started to open the stores 10 minutes forwards the actual opening time just to make customers always feel wel love and happy.Viral marketing has also become one of the most important features of Starbucks. You can hardly find and advertisement in any newspaper or marketplace, but they build extremely strong relationships by using social networks, internet and mouth-to-mouth marketing, which means Starbucks meets the marketing challenges of a) the digital age, b) value proposition, c) connecting to customers, d) corporate social responsibility, e) green issues and f) overall revised marketing strategy, g) market shrinking factors (as Starbucks was forced to close down 600 coffee-bars in the USA during the economic slowdown (Milasius, 2008)). The case of umber indian lodge (Lithuania)The other company selected for a com parative study is a national company, located only in Lithuania. coffee tree youth hostel is a coffee-bars chain opened a few years ago in Vilnius, the capital city of the country. Started from just one coffee-bar, Coffee Inn now owns 7 coffee-bars in Vilnius and one in Kaunas in 2007 (Vaitiekuniene, 2007). At first, Coffee Inn came into the market with the same concept as Starbucks did. It sells coffee and various coffee drinks, served in paper cups, sandwiches and desserts in small, cosy coffee-bars, located in the city centre. The main going between Starbucks and Coffee Inn is that Starbucks is a big global company (the globalisation challenge) and can afford applying social-ethical marketing orientation, while Coffee Inn is still too small to afford huge investments for various socialprojects and campaigns and it has chosen the marketing orientation.However, Coffee Inn expands constantly, therefore, sooner or later this company will also apply social-ethical marketing oreinta tion (now Coffee Inn supports various cultural festivals, such as cultural night Tebnie naktis, or lane music day, not financially, but by helping to promote them, or by prolonging their opening hours during these festivals). The main idea, the co-owner of Coffee Inn Nidas Kiuberis explains, is that they sell a feeling of pleasure rather than just a cup of coffee (Obcarskaite, 2009). It seems extremely similar to Starbucks idea. The waiters are called baristas too, Coffee Inn also offers free internet access and their menu is quite similar to Starbucks one. Lithuanians sometimes even claim that Coffee Inn tries to copy Starbucks.On the other hand, there are a lot of cafeterias offering similar facilities (e.g., Vero Cafe, Double Coffee and etc.), and Coffee Inn is not an exception. However, Coffee Inn is a lot smaller as coffee-bars chain than Starbucks and for this reason it is much easier to control it. beingness small enables Coffee Inn to be more flexible and to contradict to customers demands and wants quicker and to create new demands and wants at the same time (marketing orientation). Coffee Inn constantly offers new drinks, snacks and other features (product orientation). They were one of the first who invited customers to come together with their pets, set free book collection and invited everyone to come to read or to donate a book (the communication challenge).While talk about customers loyalty, new technologies play an important part here too (the technological challenge) Coffee Inn keeps exceptionally close relationships with its customers using Facebook social network, writing the blog and honestly replying to all the letters and comments. The co-owner Nidas Kiuberis maintains the Coffee Inn blog himself this is very important, as customers notice, that director of the company itself pays attention to their opinion (Milasius, 2008).Nidas Kiuberis explains, they are following guerilla marketing ideas, because it is the best solution for a sma ll business without large budget, where creativity and energy are the most important things (Obcarskaite, 2009). Viral marketing and personal blog writing costs nothing and gives better results, than advertisement on TV your loyalty for customers loyalty, these are the things every company seeks, especially in a crisis time (Obcarskaite, 2009). As a result, Coffee Inn has created a steady circle of loyal customers, who are indifferent to similar competitors, such as Vero Cafe, offers.The Evolution of the Marketing ConceptMarketing is basically about anticipating and serving customer needs, but where does the concept come from? In fact, even though the term marketing quite modern, the idea of customer orientation is as old as trade itself. For example, if we looked at a pre-Industrial Revolution village, we would see a number of trades-people such as the blacksmith at work. These people provided the villagers with what they wanted. There was no question of producing large volumes of goods and assuming that people would take them. Everything was made to order the customer had needs and the supplier met them.ConclusionsIn the changing market environment with changing customer behaviour and seeking business opportunities, companies face marketing challenges on a daily basis. In the process of theoretical research, a modified model of marketing orientations, which form the marketing philosophy, was proposed, comprising eight major orientations, where market orientation and the holistic marketing orientation are split into provided sub-orientations.The other task for the author was to review and structure marketing challenges in the new millennium and test these issues in two cases of coffee-bars sector on international (Starbucks) and national (Coffee Inn in Lithuania) markets. Starbucks and Coffee Inn both follow similar marketing orientations. Starbucks follows social-ethical marketing orientation as a basis of business, while Coffee Inn is being still point by the marketing orientation.Both companies sell an experience, rather than just coffee and image is very important for the customers of these companies as they are mainly newfangled people (20-40 years of age, Miksys, 2008). Both companies use viral marketing techniques, though Coffee Inn can create closer relationships with its customers, because it is able to pit to changes quicker. Loyal customers could be called the biggest strength and competitive advantage of these companies as they do not compete on price, just by creating exceptional atmosphere.

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What Can Parents Do to Protect Children from the Bad Influence of Television Violence?

Television brook be a powerful twine in developing value systems and shaping behavior in the developing childrens mind. Unfortunately, much of todays telecasting programming has a highly open violent content. Numerous studies has been conducted on the effect television receiver violence has on children and adolescence, and all of it shows negative feedbacks. Children tend to develop emotional numbness to all the horror seen on the screen, and gradually accept violence as a norm and a way to solve problems.P atomic number 18nts can protect their children by engaging them in different after schooling programs, paying forethought to the television their children are watching and try to block slightly convey showing inappropriate content. wholeness of the most disturbing facts of modern smell is the abundance of wasted time spent watching mindless television programs. Children who spend more time in front of the television are more susceptible to all the violence in the med ia, and not scarcely that they grow to be more aggressive, plainly also more passive.One way to avoid that is to involve the kid into different after school activities like arts and crafts programs or outdoor sports. Extracurriculars let the children enjoy themselves in a fun, stress-free environment, get some exercises, and make friends outside of school rather of being trapped at home alone with the only cite of entertainment, the TV. It is a proven fact that television and media content are touch on how children and teens perceive the world around them. One way to help reliever the negative effect of it is to help them understand what is wrong and what not.Parents should be aware of what children are watching, and if there is something violent and upset them, it is important to help them done that. Although the violent content, television can offer some very semiprecious educational programs as well, which could open doors to new fields of knowledge, when viewed responsi ble and sensibly. That is wherefore parents should not eliminate the television, just get involved into what the child is watching, and explain why violent and the explicit is not worth watching.Parents can not control what children are doing, or watching every second of the day, that is why many parents rely on some sort of channel blockers. By restricting access to certain channels with violent and explicit language, parents can keep the unwanted content away from the eyes of their children. Childproofing the cable television is one of the best ways to keep the kids away of television violence, but yet it does not guarantee that the kids are protected.The control of the parents over their masking time and content is most important of all. Television has become more violent in content in the recent years. Although the media experts are onerous to market the explicit content, there are still should be some limits and restriction on what has to be shown on the big screen and what not. Until that happens, parents are the only regulators of that content and as so, they have the right to rule the extraneous control in their living room.

The Good, the Bad, and ‘the Daily Show’ Reading Analysis

Analysis of The Good, The Bad, and The Daily maneuver In Jason Zinsers The Good, the Bad, andThe Daily plant his purpose was to formulate a response to the uncertainty regarding the legitimacy and ethics of bogus news sources. Zinser begins by discussing if it is acceptable to obtain information from a humorous and often sarcastic news source (in this exemplar,The Daily Show), he points out that the question isnt whether Jon Stewart or the shows producers and writers are morally corrupt people, precisely whether or not fake news is, on the whole, beneficial or damaging to society (Zinser 363-364).In other words, he begs the question, can we actually be an aware public that can contribute, comprehend, and playction as a commonwealth through the projections of a fake news source? Zinser then makes the assume that fake news causes two vices, the first being deception due to the lack of valuing objectivity in their reports. The second is dilution, both in the shade of media from the variance of online sources as well as adding excessive news reports attracting to a greater extent viewing audience to what is typically a hard news source.Zinser also reminds us of the beneficial aspects in fake news. Empirical data suggests a expressive style that either viewers of The Daily Showare better informed than those watching hard news because of its effectiveness, or, on the other hand that it attracts viewers who already know about the current events being discussed, evidence of its success.The noble-minded solution, he concludes, would be to merge the two, retaining the power and persuasion ofThe Daily Showas well as including depth and insight more unmixed in hard news reports, helping viewers understand distinct sides of the arguments present (Zinser 371). When diving into Zinsers writing, some similar aspects from George Orwells, Politics in the English Language came to mind. Orwell states, foolish thoughts, being a result of wrangle, run-in has beco me a result of foolish thoughts.Vagueness is the most evident feature of speech of the English prose. There is a lack of imagery and the figurative language no longer gives a connection to images and concrete thoughts. When comparing this to the satirical writing and language that Zinser speaks of in The Good, The Bad, and The Daily Show it creates a utter(a) picture of how by exemplifying the two vices, (deception and dilution) misconceptions can easily happen, particularly when your only news source is a satirical fake ews source. When cerebration about some of the other fake news sources, one example that might be overlooked is The Onion a very familiar source from which the stories are based on fact but written in a humorous and satirical way. Being that The Onion makes fun of all different types of news events from health issues to sports, The Onion actually delves into manifold aspects of our culture in a comical way but soothe delivering facts and informing people ab out what is going on in the world.In this lineament it can be just as influential as real news. In fact an example of The Onions influential satirical news was captured when they produce the worlds sexiest man and posted Kim Jong Un (the North Korean Dictator) as the sexiest man alive. North Korea took it serious and published it in their local motif and made a big deal out of it (news. yahoo. com). It is in this very(prenominal) sense that is described in Zinsers analysis of this so called fake news that you can get an idea of the actual influence this has on our culture.

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Global Warming Introduction Essay Essay

umteen researchers, scientists, and environmentalists ar expressing concerns nearly channelizes in the everyplaceall temper of the man. Some recall that a dramatically dangerous calefacient is taking place in the boilers suit globular mood, a problem that is pointred to as orbicular warming. This writing will attempt to explore this very issue.Climate is defined as the analysis of accumulated weather data for long term patterns and curls. The Oxford mention Dictionary defines change as, To make or become divers(prenominal). Climate change is in that locationfore defined as long-term weather patterns and trends becoming different over an extended period of time. For example, if the intermediate temperature in Kalamazoo, Michigan over the 20th century is substantially higher or lower than the mean(a) temperature in Kalamazoo, Michigan over the 19th century, this would be an example of climate change.Changes in climate can result from both natural events and milit ary personnel activities. Examples of natural causes of climate change are volcanic eruptions, variations in the orbs orbit around the sun, and variations in solar output (Ahrens, 485-491). Examples of human-induced causes of climate change include industrial pollutants and fossil fuels (Rhodes, 116), warming of average annual temperatures cod to urbanization (Eichenlaub, 163), and changes in the earths albedo due to deforestation of tropical rainforests (Geiger, 320). Climate change in the context of this physical composition refers to changes that result from human activities, especially as these changes relate to the issue of globular warming. Of special splendour is the greenhouse gas mental picture which is defined as, The living accommodations of thermal emissions from the earths surface by human-induced greenhouse gases (He). If world-wide warming is indeed happening, it is the greenhouse gas effect that is believed to be the nigh responsible. in that respect are s omewhat scientists who do not believe that at that place is enough turn up to support the idea of global warming. They assert that concerns about global warming grant been blown wholesome out of parity by the media. At the resembling time, another(prenominal) scientists assert that on that point is decent severalise to suggest that industrial activities, automobile emissions, and technological pollutants whitethorn ultimately result in dangerous (and even deadly) trends in the boilersuit global climate. This paper will attempt to getress this concern by analyzing some of the scientific studies that make been published in major meteorology journals.Our airwave consists of many gases. Some of these gases, such as century dioxide and water vapor, naturally absorb long-wave radiation that is emitted from the earths surface. Short-wave solar radiation enters the earths atmosphere and is absorbed by the earths surface. This radiation is then recycled and emitted as long wa ve terrestrial radiation. Gases such as water vapor and atomic number 6 dioxide absorb this radiation, hold it in the atmosphere, and sustenance the temperature of the earth warmer than it would otherwise be if there wasnt an atmosphere. This is what meteorologists refer to as the natural greenhouse effect (Mower).Problems could potentially arise, however, when human activities add additional shade gases into the atmosphere that also absorb out-going long-wave radiation. These additional trace gases include methane, chlorofloro speed of lights, nitrous oxide, aerosols, ozone, and hundred dioxide. The result is an increase in the make out of long-wave radiation that is being trapped by the atmosphere. It is believed that this could eventually increase the average overall global temperature.Carbon dioxide is considered the trace gas of greatest importance because of the substantial increase in its atmospheric tightness as well as its probable continued rise due to global intake of fossil fuels (Rhodes, 116). It is clear from looking at the evidence that carbon dioxide concentrations are increasing dramatically in the atmosphere. Observations of carbon dioxide concentrations are available for several(prenominal) locations. Over the period of 1973 to 1982, the atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide in Barrow, Alaska rose steadily from 332.6 parts per gazillion (ppm) to 342.8 parts per million (Geiger, 110-111).This is not isolated to Barrow, Alaska. Records from other locations, such as Mauna Loa in Hawaii, are confirming that carbon dioxide concentrations are increasing in the atmosphere at a dramatic rate. incessant instrument records for atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations date back to the 1950s at the Mauna Loa observatory (Michaels, 1564). In 1958, the average atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide was solitary(prenominal) 316 parts per million (ppm). Preindustrial carbon dioxide concentrations are believed to be 279 parts per mill ion (Michaels, 1564), and the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration in 1990 was 353 parts per million (Rhodes, 116). However, as one author points out, the fact that we are dealing with real changes in carbon dioxide does not automatically mean that we are looking at a serious problem (Lindzen, 288). This author points out that carbon dioxide is a minor atmospheric constituent and as such, its variations might not be notably important. He goes on to say that there are a number of things that increasing levels of carbon dioxide could effect and influence, including in ways that are beneficial. For example, at altitudes of 25 km to 90 km, the atmosphere is cooled primarily by thermal radiation emitted to space by carbon dioxide. Increasing carbon dioxide should cool these regions, and this, in turn, should run away to increasing concentrations of ozone at these levels. Increasing carbon dioxide might also stimulate the growth of vegetation (Lindzen, 288-289).While there are ind eed some possible benefits to increased atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, the main concerns have focused on the possibility that increasing carbon dioxide might evidentiaryly warm our climate (Lindzen, 289). One author wrote that there is general agreement that increasing carbon dioxide will produce warming due to its ability to absorb in the infrared radiation (Lindzen, 289).There are studies that have indicated that no significant change in the overall global climate has yet taken place. For example, a study that was through with(p) by P. W. Spencer and J. R. Christy, using temperature records from the period of 1979 through 1990, showed a global trend of only +0.04 degrees Celsius per decade (Michaels, 1566). Other studies showed that the Northern Hemisphere has had no significant warming, while the Southern Hemisphere has had a slight temperature increase in the order of 0.2 degrees Celsius since the 1950s (Michaels, 1566). Patrick J. Michaels speculates that the reas on that we have not seen a significant increase in temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere is because of the balancing effect of anthropogenerated sulfates going into the atmosphere as a result of industrial pollution. Anthropogenerated sulfates have a cooling effect on the atmosphere because of their ability to reflect incoming solar radiation back to space. Michaels explains this in more decimal point when he writes, Because anthropogenerated sulfates are primarily produced and reside in the Northern Hemisphere, we may therefore be equaling the current enhanced greenhouse forcing with actual minus forcing in the hemisphere that contains most of the worlds population (Michaels, 1573).This lead to the obvious question of whether or not the lack of a significant increase in global temperature should be taken as evidence that we should not be concerned about the issue. William W. Kellog of the National Center for atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado has written an article ca lled repartee to Skeptics of world(prenominal) melting in which he responds to many of the objections that have been raised against global warming. Kellog points out that five or so of the most advanced climate models, developed over a period of many years by top notch teams, have all come to essentially the same conclusion The global average surface temperature would probably rise by about 2 to 5 K if the greenhouse gas concentration were maintained at double the pre-industrial revolution level (Kellog, 500). Kellog suggests that the reason that we have not seen a change as of yet in the overall warming is because of a temperature lag of several decades due in spacious part to the large heat capacity of the oceans of the world (Kellog, 500). He asserts that the evidence is still in favor of the fact that, sooner or later, a serious warming of the climate will occur.ReferencesAhrens, C. Donald. Meteorology Today An mental hospital to Weather, Climate, and the Environment, 5th E dition. New York West Publishing Company, 1995.Eichenlaub, Val L., Jay R. Haman, Fred V. Nurnberger, and Hans J. Stolle. The Climatic Atlas of Michigan. University of Notre birdie Press Notre Dame, Indiana, 1990.Geiger, Rudolf, Robert H. Aron, Paul Todhunter. The Climate Near the Ground, 5th Edition. Braunschweig, Germany Friedr, Veiweg & Sohn Verlagsgesellschaft, 1995.He, Chansheng. Classroom notes presented verbally in Natural Resource Management, GEOG 555. Western Michigan University, winter 1999.Kellog, William W. Response to Skeptics of Global Warming. publicise American Meteorology Society. ledger 74, Number 4 (April 1991), pp. 499-511.Oxford American Dictionary. Oxford University Press New York, 1980.Lindzen, Richard S. Some Coolness Concerning Global Warming. Bulletin American Meteorology Society. Volume 71, Number 3 (March 1990), pp. 288-299.Michaels, Patrick J. Global Warming A Reduced Threat? Bulletin American Meteorology Society. Volume 73, Number 10 (October 1992), p p. 1563-1577.Mower, R. Neil. Classroom notes presented verbally in Physical Meteorology, ESC 530. of import Michigan University, autumn 1996.Rhodes, Steven L. Climate and Environmental Degradation of the Great Lakes. diary of Environmental Systems. Volume 22, Number 2, pp. 105-122.

Physical and emotional health

Crucial to the changing lifestyle of both mortal, branchicularly a young adult such as myself, is that of being both bodilyly and aflamely come upnessy in baseball club to detect ahead in this continuously changing world. When undergoing pains, whether it be physical or ablaze, the brain changes in slip charge that leading affect its overall function. When a person undergoes a mettlesome enumerate of strive for a dogged point of time without any(prenominal) treatment, it behind lead to to a greater extent serious paradoxs such as strokes and breast diseases.Physically, an overload of stress constantly suffer lead to long term, detrimental effects. Some effects can include heart problems, musculoskeletal conditions, migraines, and headaches. new(prenominal) effects that could arise Include Internal problems having to do with digestion and diet. Emotionally, an excess do of stress can lead to problems mentally such as anxiety, depression, brat attacks, etc . Difficulty focusing and Irritability can result from this as considerably. (1) As for a physical therapist, the wellnesscare Industry Is constantly changing, unless Like the outside world.These physical therapists face many different situations in which stress is a prevalent factor, and it is essential n this field to be equal to(p) to handle stress incredibly well in order to do their job to their utmost potential. Everyone has some sort of tolerance or outside forces including stress, however, tolerance levels vary from person to person. Not only can too much physical stress over a period of time affect the discrepancy on the outside through break and laziness, but it does internal damage as well. Long term stress can disrupt the bodys digestive process in a oppose carriage.By affecting nutrients that can be absorbed by a persons intestines, stress can cause nausea, constipation, vomiting, and other irregularities. 1) To maintain proper physical health, it is key to exe rcise regularly and attempting to reduce stress in any way possible. A physical self-assessment I did on myself allowed me to conclude that my physical health is excellent. My resting heart rate was 57 BPML, and my resting blood pressure was 125/70, and by and by slight exercise, both my heart rate and blood pressure increase at a healthy rate in accordance to the amount of exercise I did.These are average for a healthy person of my age range. My waist to hip ratio was excellent as well being that my score was . 835. After calculating my body mass index, I landed in the healthy range scoring a 21. 401. In terms of flexibility, I scored in the normal range of the 90/90 floor stretch, and I was able to touch my fingers when reaching behind my vertebral column which result In having good shoulder flexibility. When doing modified pushup, I was able to score excellent in the upper body strength family by doing over 20, and I also did over 20 president tough squats which landed me In the excellent category for lower body strength.I have a small frame size, but I am very active and athletic. My body type Is In between impromptu and mesosphere, but I am closer to mesosphere. (2) By playing association football for Marseille has allowed me to relieve much of my stress through dally exercise. Also, we have chicken feed talks in which I can direct my attention extraneous from other stresses in my life and focus on our teams system and what I can do to contribute to it. My physical activity routine will continue for the next four and a half years because soccer is a year round sport. In the postseason we will be doing well to ensure my health and continues physical fitness.I have good bone health and am at less of a risk of seeting any bone diseases because I am Caucasian and regularly take protein supplements and sometimes take other vitamin supplements. (2) Although my large amount of exercise plays a gigantic role in my physical health, it also plays a key pa rt in my emotional fitness. Poor emotional fitness is linked to a lack of focus and bad decision making. Psychological effects can include irritability, anxiety, depression, phobias, relationship conflicts, and others. (1) Any kind of stress relieving activity will help with gaining motional fitness.Exercise, meditation, or having fun can release stress, tranquilize the mind, and fill it with healthier thoughts. It is so crucial to have a verificatory attitude as well. A person can think of others and themselves in a less Judgmental way and in a much compassionate way. I filled out a few questionnaires close happiness. For example, a questionnaire called the PERM (Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment), and it stated that I scored higher than 99% of throng my age and higher than 98% of my gender by scoring a 9. 67/10. (3)Another questionnaire I took called the Rare Social Readjustment Rating denture (SIRS) showed that I have had more stress t han normal in the detain 6 months. (4) This is most likely because I started college classes and college soccer. My life has changed a sight in the past 6 months, but I am head with everything in a professional manner. The stress has not been affecting me in a negative way. In fact, all of this stress has been motivating me to do my best. It is a good idea to try to channel the bad things in your life into things that will push and motivate you to do your best.I can mitigate my physical health by directing my focus to the most all-important(a) things in my life. I can also focus on form by letting my mind wander less and focusing on the mechanics of my efforts. In terms of working out and stoping with a routine, hardly getting myself to the gym is half the battle because until I get in that respect, there are a million other distractions getting in the way. (5) In order to achieve my goals, I must be more sanctified than I previously was by having self-esteem, a positive att itude, and the will to succeed and become the best version of myself I can be.The improvement of my emotional fitness can be improved in a way that is parallel to up(p) my physical health because they correlate with each other. If I improve one, then that will improve the other. To specifically work on keeping my current emotional fitness or even improving it, I must work on setting reasonable goals for myself and get creative when tracking my progress. For example, if I plan to run 3 miles a day for three times a week, then I should get a map of your Missouri, draw a line across it, and key a specific number of miles along the line for each eek I meet my goal. 5) Being able to visualize my goals in my head and how I am going to reach them will automatically give me a positive mindset. As long as I continue to do this, or do it more often, I will improve my emotional fitness. As a physical therapist, it is important to have optimal physical health and emotional fitness. A APT will be more effective if he or she is a model for what the patients want to become. They will be able to handle many situations in the forever-changing healthcare pains if they are emotionally stable as well.If I continue to stay hectically fit when I eventually get a demarcation in physical therapy, then I will be more physical self-assessment that I filled out said that overall I had excellent physical health in all areas. Along with that, the devil emotional fitness questionnaires gave me results indicating that although I have been somewhat stressed, I tranquilize remain positive and have excellent emotional fitness. As long as I continue to work towards becoming the best I can be in every way possible darn maintaining a positive attitude, I will have no problem becoming a physical therapist that others look up to.