Saturday, April 20, 2019

Analysis of Globalization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Analysis of Globalization - Essay Example offshoot of all it is necessary to mention that globalization has both positive and negative impacts on contemporary knowledge base, and incisively nowadays it is difficult to find a more fashionable and debatable topic than globalization. Different conferences and symposia, hundreds of sophisticated books and thousands of articles are devoted to it. Scientists and politicians, businessmen and economists, religious leaders and artists argue about it. The subject of lively turn is literally everything - what the globalization is, when it started, how it fits with other processes in public and sparing life, and what its immediate and long-term consequences are. However, the abundance of approaches, opinions and assessments do not guarantee the deep study of this fundamental issue. Globalization is considered to be a difficult doubt that is not difficult only for mass consciousness but for scientific analysis, too. Thus, it is waiting for a consummate(a) study and we are going to begin its discussion from the perspective of economic inequality. Thinking about economic inequality through the prism of globalization it is necessary to mention that the main consequence of this is the global element of labor, migration across the planets capital, human and industrial resources, the standardization of legislation, economic and technological processes, as well as the product of cultures in different countries. It is an objective process that is systemic in its nature and that covers all the aspects of society. Globalization is associated generally with the internationalization of the entire public activity on the Earth (Gumery, 2006). This internationalization means that humanity is a single system of social, cultural, economic, political and other relations, interactions and relationships in the modern era. For example, including all the countries and nationalities, epochal events and changes that happened in the world at the end of the last century we recognize globalizations influence. Humanity now lives in the world community where a single country or a group of countries cannot be amply fenced off from each other. Globalization deeply leaves roots in the history, and, however, it is considered to be the phenomenon of the 20th century. It is obvious that the processes of globalization of world economy observed in recent decades, have conflicting implications for the economic development of legion(predicate) countries. Currently two opposite points of view on globalization as a factor in the balanced development of the world economy co-exist. According to the first position, globalization is a zero-sum game it gives a gain to relatively more developed countries, and it gives losses to less developed (developing) countries.

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