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Research paper on classical Composer Ludwin Von Beethoven Essay

Research paper on classical Composer Ludwin Von Beethoven - move ExampleThere are different kinds of practice of medicine ranging from jazz, hip hop, rock, etc. Music and euphonyal performances get hitched with different forms in different cultures. For instance in Europe and in North America, the viewable types of music is divided based on high culture and low culture. The high culture type of music is mostly the Western art music like the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, solo etc. (Hermann, 1904)Examination on the declivity of music indicates that the mountment of music stems from the natural sounds such as bird sons and the sounds of the animals. In course of date man began to imitate these sounds thus leading the way for development of music. Therefore one can suppose that the first musical note was mans voice which began to perform an array of sounds. (Bruno, 1956)Further bells are striking instrument from which a musical note is obtained. The earliest instruments in music were the bells. More than 4000 old age ago, the Chinese had an instrument which consisted of 16 flat stones suspended in a frame, and this produced the forth scale of foreign notes when struck by a wooden hammer. (Bruno, 1956)Over the period of time the bell was divided into the easterly and Western direction. In the Orient the bell positive into the pot and bowl form wherein the bowl developed into the gong and the pot developed into the Chinese and Japanese barrel-formed bells. The Western civilization found the bell develop into the cup form wherein it had a clapper which stuck from inside. (Hermann, 1904)According to the Greek myth, Pan invented the first musical instrument, the wards pipe. Later man invented the wind instruments made from horns of animals. As man trained his musical sense, he began to use reeds and thus produced natural tones. Later man discovered the use of strings and invented the simple harp. and so music developed over the centuries. (Bruno, 1956)The R omantic era, 1800-1890 found the development of music with Ludwig Van Beethoven

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