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Consumer Behaviour Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Consumer Behaviour - Assignment ExampleSachdev & Verma (2002) established that consumers atomic number 18 non only influenced by the appearance of a new product. Rather, their decision is highly dependent product promotion. pelter Cosmetics has fathered mens lotion as a start of diversification of its product line. aqua Mist is a light weight body lotion that has a smooth texture, which the connection associates with the desired fragrance among consumers. This aspect is viewed by the management as the justification for the new brand in the market. The guild plans to produce different categories with regards to prices and size. Nessim and Wozniak (2009) suggest that consumers differ in demand preference. It is with this respect that the company decided to develop mens lotion to cater for male consumers equally as past products have continuously catered for feminine needs. The reason as to why the company do the decision is to utilize the existing probability since no other company produces such variety for mens lotion. Consumer preferences differ and hence for the company needs to satisfy a wide range of needs the lotion has to be produced in variable sizes, colors, scents and quantities. This strategy will enable the company to effectively accomplish market segmentation, targeting and position its products, thereby maintaining competitiveness. This sexual climax to marketing has been applied to enhance performance and sustainability (Sachdev & Verma, 2002). Consumer Behavior Blackwell et al (2005) establish three phases of consumer decision qualification process which includes need recognition, information search and alternative evaluation and selection. Need recognition involves the realization that a need exists based on desire to acquire an item or service or may be prompted by a stimulus in the environment such as advertisements which create awareness. The marketers swindle a great role in influencing buying behaviour depending on their con vincing degree. A vendee may not be aware of a product but through marketing, he is made aware that such thing exists and, hence, he/she develops a desire to purchase or he may not be interested in the product based on age, attitude, emotions, and perceptions of the product, culture where taboos prohibit part of certain products (Hoyer & Macinnis, 2009). For a company to successfully introduce a new product in the market, it has to prise fully how the product will be adopted by the consumers. Consumers always demand value for their currency when they making any purchase. Companies always seek to understand consumer behavior with respect to product education (Blackwell et al, 2005). guest preferences change with time and, therefore, continuous assessment of the market is needed. The aim of research is to make sure customers take off satisfaction after consuming the goods, hence, buy more. Buyers behaviour is determined by various factors such as attitudes, personality, motivat ion, gender and the environment in general among others (Folkes, 2006). On the other hand, Blackwell et al (2005) argue that buyers behaviour is prompted by need or problem recognition. They make purchases but not all goods are up to expected standards hence customers are bound to make complaints. According to Hayes (2008), the successful development of a new product is highly dependent on the consumer. Consumers tend to be subjective with the broad of products or services they

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