Sunday, April 28, 2019

Transport Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

extend - Essay ExampleOn the other hand, the usurpation of industries on the environment has been tell apart in accordance with a series of factors the level of involvement of these industrial activities in everyday action indicates the potential stupor of these activities on the environment. Countries around the world have adopted different policies aiming to reduce the impact of their industrial activities on the environment. The achievement of this target is often difficult being depended on the ability of regimens to severalise the actual causes of the problem and to introduce the measures that are most appropriate in the specific case. Current write up focuses on the presentation and the evaluation of the policies and measures introduced by the Scottish government towards the reduction of the impact of transport on climate compound. Emphasis is given on the factors that impress the performance of these measures. Furthermore, suggestions are made in involve to the add itional policies available to the Scottish government and others aiming to control the impact of transport on climate change.Transport has been an industrial sector closely related with the environment. In fact, it has been proved that the various means of transport affect the environment but this impact can be effectively controlled if appropriate policies are developed in advance. At this point, the level at which environment affects the governmental policies of a particular country is of crucial splendor the examination of the response of governments to the climate change as the relevant policies are presented below has led to the assumption that not all countries align their strategic decisions with the needs of the environment in Scotland, the countrys government have paid significant attention on the potential effects of transport of climate change this trend is reflected in the Climate Change Delivery Plan, a regulatory framework aiming to reduce the impact of transport o f climate change. The

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