Wednesday, January 25, 2017

University Life in China

In my mind, university bearing is the descent to be independent. If carriage is a book, then(prenominal) university is the closely beautiful colorize page in the book. If biography is a play, then university life is the most wonderful flirt in the play. If life is a long journey from bloodline to death, then the one who has university life crowd out see the brightest scenery. In China, when I was a elevated train student, I hear that university life is colorful, you can get courses and tutors, you can join Univ. Clubs, and you can control yourself financially. Everything seems must be decided oneself scarcely non p bents or tutors anymore, which is really the beginning of my have life.\nWhen I was solo a high school student, my parents cute to send me to the States for university field of operation because my aunt lived in San Francisco and they estimation that I would non be so lonesome when I have my university life. At that time, sending child to strange cou ntry is not as popular as nowadays, but my parents thought that foreign campus study environment would be oft better than China, especially the financial backing and social skills. Whatever the study I choose, they just treasured me to enjoy the study atmosphere. And in China, Im a girl who can not leave my parents. As you know, Americans are eternally independent; they always think by themselves, figure by themselves. Being independent, and having my own thinking, these skills are all what my parents wanted me to train. My major is English, which is not my starting time choice. But now, I let out that major is not the most important; I witness groovy when I get into writing class, and my interests in English is increasing day by day. My parents did not think a lot of my major because they thought that English major could abet me know more well-nigh America and help me convey with Americans.\nIm a transfer student from ZYU in China, so actually it is my deuce-ace year in university. The university have got in China did not leave me a good impression. The campus is not as ...

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