Monday, January 23, 2017

The Great Technology Takeover

It has become appallingly obvious that our engineering has exceeded our gentlemans gentlemanity.\n- Albert Einstein.\n\nI cant wait to think of a check way to explain this refer than by taking a deeper look into the short apologue, disdainful 2026: There will be soft rain by Ray Bradbury. This story gives us an abstract way of sounding at how the evolution of engineering has avatard and is continuing to shape the world that we live in. It to a fault questions the level of work outence that we as humans have on technology and how far we be willing to go to encounter that technology is always up to date. The story starts off with a lone house do breakfast for a family that is free due to a atomic war that destroyed the world. This house, created by humans, was created for the sole purpose of fashioning life easier for the humans that lived in it. The ironic part of the story is that despite the houses exceptional abilities it shut away could not save the family from the nuclear bomb. Meanwhile, the house is still adapted to function regardless of human interaction, in fact passim the story the house doesnt even notice that they ar gone. Mice continue to clean, the house continues to piddle the garden, and stories are read to no one in particular. It does this heedless of what has happened outside.\nThis is a vivid and highly accurate view on how the world can perhaps be in the future, in my opinion. With technology advancing occasional its very hard for anyone upkeep in this day and mount up not to succumb to the expert advances that are presented to us. Who wouldnt want a stove that can fudge your food and clean itself? Its convenient. tho where do we draw the line of work when it comes to our dependence on technology? We use technology everyday, frighten clocks, iPads, cell phones, and everything else in between. We depend on the devices to get done life because it makes things easier. If we have a question we can apparently Goog le it. Weve even gone as far a...

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