Friday, January 27, 2017

Short Story - The Amazing, Impressive Drag Show

Cancel your Sunday wickedness plans because I am not taking no as an answer, my obnoxious Aunt utter as she showed my mom and I an exotic poster of half-dozen alluring drag diva queens in luxurious, sexual and scandalous dresses. Expect sparkle, feathers, flimsy costumes, comedy, impersonations, sexy backup dancers and lashes for days, she utter with excitement. This intrigued me. I just had to touch this lively event; and the defecate Lipstick and Lashes was enough to daze me...for days! It was a gentle Sunday evening and I was prepa deprivation and psyched for an invigorating performance. I expected the event to micturate place at a capacious joint, with a alive(p) stage and a seraphic airy setting with dislocated round tables. But to my surprise, the smooth Lounge in Santa Ana was vigor but scanty. The scandalous aviation fil conduct the Smokey narrow live as I walked into the Lounge. The totally thing that was going on in the dark mauve style was the busy bar, which was as well compacted from the thirsty alcoholic consumers. As my family, friends and I waited patiently for some(a) assistance; a sociable waiter welcomed us to the salient(ip) event with his high lunge feminine tone and led us to the next room behind a red curtain. The room itself was small oddly for the amount of people who be the event that evening. Even though the room had a little stage and was filled with fill up tables that made it difficult for the people, allow alone waiters, to pass by, the workers did an undreamed of job on do the whole room realize alive from the red walls, coloured lighting, and the upbeat music that was slapdash out from the DJ who was close from the stage. \nThe waiter sat us at a hearty table that was covered by a soft pitch-dark cloth that you typically would intoxicate at most restaurants with a dazzling centerpiece of a black sculpture of a puny tree with diamonds and pull wires red blossoming flowers on it. As soon as we s at down in our seats, we were imm...

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