Thursday, May 16, 2019

Mcd’s Current Strategy Essay

Do we stimulate a contradiction here? Can we interrupt many successful segments, as many as McDonalds would like, create a new image and having their main business treat to be burgers and chips? Is the CFO correct in assessing that the main business of the company is to compete with other burger companies? What do you look of the current suggested strategy that McDonalds develop a reasoned line because this will continue to puff people whose main demand is burgers and fries? Do you suppose that the current socioeconomic demographics will continue to compulsively react to the McCafes? What would you suggests as strategies or main strategy for Mc?I dont think there is a contradiction in this case. In my opinion, we say it is a contradiction because McD company uses distinguishable strategy to different segments in the market. The company has been trying to build a new image of healthy food to go along the need of modern adults. On the other hand, however, the burgers and f ries still transmit large pile of market.McD is well-known by there traditional products burgers and fries and there is one thing that we have to admit is that many people order burgers and fries in McD because customers eating habit has been changed by McD. As far as I know, I think McD can sell their original products as well as doing much advertisements of those new and healthier food to appeal new customers.Since McD has been playing a very important role of domain peoples eating habit, I suppose that McD should develop to a greater extent, or I say different, concept of healthy food. With specific stores selling different stuff therefore analyze which chain is better to suit modern people. So I agree with the CFOs opinion. McD wants to be the NO.1 then it has to win in the market with other fast food companies. And to attract more than customers is the point to gain more profit. To develop more healthy food, will definitely get more people to buy its stuff.As for the McCaf e, lower price and better quality will be the motivation that people want to buy a cup of espresso in McC. But since there are more and more coffee companies already existed in the market, I suppose it might not be that positive to McC. Except for the price and quality, the service and the diversity of products are important too.

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