Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Hybridity and Neo-colonialism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Hybridity and Neo-colonialism - Essay Example A lot of symbolism and thematic illustrations has been applied by the author in demonstrating the fact that the white culture is superior to the blacks' culture in this play (Goellner and Jacqueline, 32). The author seeks to use these demonstrations to make a case for his claim of white preference over black culture and ideologies. In the contemporary society today, this claim of white superiority over black people's ideals can be likened to the concept of neo-colonialism. The reason behind this argument is that hybridity comes in after an influence of a white culture on a black person. This is exactly how neo-colonialism follows colonization of the third world countries. The dance in the play is symbolically used by the author to show preference of the white culture over black culture. Willie, a black man, has to struggle hard to learn the dance (from white culture) in order to participate in the competition. In fact at some point he talks so passionately about the dance that catche s the attention of the young Hall (Goellner and Jacqueline, 27). This shows that despite the whites enforcing apartheid rule in South Africa, Willie still believes the ideals of the whites is still superb. Willie talks so passionately about the "art" of dance and the setting in which it will take place that gets the uninterested Hally to buy in to the idea. Despite being an African, Willy still has high regard for white culture which points out the fact that white ideologies can still influence his position on many issues.

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