Friday, July 26, 2019

Homework9 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Homework9 - Essay Example Separation of power identifies three power centers that are necessary for offering checks and balance on each other. The branches are the Congress, the executive, and the Judiciary. The President heads the executive whose roles, besides primary roles, are to offer checks and balances on the judiciary and the Congress. The Congress is the law making body in the nation and the president has the duty to assent to made laws before they can become effective and to veto laws that may be repugnant to natural justice and this ensures that only rational laws that the Congress enact govern the people. The president also plays an important role in appointment of judges through nominating them and this ensures good conduct in the judiciary. The Judiciary is also necessary because of its checks on both the executive and the Congress. Like the executive, it can declare legislation unconstitutional and therefore render it invalid and this ensures that the Congress does not just make arbitrary laws. The Judiciary can also declare actions and decision of the executive unconstitutional to minimize arbitrary authority. The congress is also necessary because of its regulatory powers over the executive such as disapproving a bill that the president prefers, passing a law contrary to the president’s veto, impeaching the president, and refusing to approve the president’s recommendations that are subject to the Congress’ approval. In addition, the congress is necessary for its checks over the courts such as impeachment of judges for misconduct, refusing to approve appointment of a judge, and varying jurisdiction of a judge. Federalism is also necessary for checks and balances by the federal and state governments on each other (Wilson, Dilulio and Bose 31). The nation has an inefficient political system because of the mode of appointment to the political offices.

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